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River Nile offers some of the fastest raising tourism activities on earth such as bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking and whitewater rafting which is a subject of this article

Rafting Jinja In Uganda

Are you looking for the cost and price of white water rafting experiences in Uganda? Jinja was a small fishing village on the banks of river Nile before John Hannington speak discovered the source of river Nile and the arrival of British colonialists. When Uganda was colonized by Britain, the small fishing village grew into a large trading center with River Nile as the main crossing point to eastern part of the country all the way to Kenya. The town continued to grow bigger as more and more Europeans, Ugandans and Indians settled in the place. When railway line and the hydroelectricity power were introduced in the city, Jinja become the most industrialized town quickly. However during Idi Amin regime that is between 1972 and 1979 made Jinja start losing its position as the industrial hub of Uganda.  The city declined more when Amin expelled all Asians in Uganda depriving the industries of required expense. Jinja is slowly recovering its position even after the return of Asians. Kampala has now overtaken Jinja as the industrial center of Uganda. Everything was not lost though it lost its industrial status. Jinja and Uganda as a whole is a great place to explore the beauty of the pearl of Africa. Apart from the peace of the town, tourists are attracted to Jinja because of river Nile and Lake Victoria. Jinja city is a quiet town perfect for relaxation and rest after visiting one of the national parks in Uganda.

River Nile offers some of the fastest raising tourism activities on earth such as bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking and whitewater rafting which is a subject of this article.

White water rafting is an adventurous tourism activity and a good sport that enables an individual how to remain calm under crazy pressure. This is because of the high pressure of water. The chance to do whitewater rafting from the longest river on earth is beautiful. Whitewater rafting is one of the best things to do here in Uganda. River Nile is a main water source to many people and several civilizations. White water rafting in Jinja takes on river Nile while passing through chaotic and turbulent rapids. Nile rapids in Jinja are graded 4 and 5 and offer the most interesting rafting experiences in Uganda. The water rapids flow with high volume and power than those in river Zambezi. The construction of Bujagali and samba dams have cause destruction of some grade 5 rapids such as Namizi, the bad place and Kyabirwa but whitewater rafting remains in place.

What to expect during whitewater rafting in Jinja.

Whitewater rafting starts with an early morning breakfast before going to the banks of river Nile. Participants are not allowed to go with their valuables and dry clothes in the car. The participants are briefed about safety and what to expect. The briefing is done by experienced and knowledgeable about the rapids and the place. They go through every aspect of safety to make sure that all whitewater rafters have the best possible experience. Other things talked about are how to get hold of the rope for safety and how to fall out of the raft in a good way. Participants are advised to remain calm and hold a breath. You are advised to travel with extra underwear and dry clothes which dry fast you will be in and out of water several times.

Before white water rafting activity takes place, participants are given an opportunity to choose a difficult route or easy route. Family members have an option of going a slow family trip designed to enjoy river Nile while avoiding main rapids. Before the activity participants are supposed to sign a form with their details. People with diseases such as anemia and hypertension are not allowed to go and raft. Once briefing is done, you get your helmets and waterproof jackets wear and the activity begins. The first mile is for the guides to train all participants how to do the activity because the rapids get stronger and more spectacular downstream. When you reach the next raid, the guides arrange for a vote for you to go through edges or middle. If the major votes are the hard way/middle, then there is nothing to do only to prepare for the challenge. Experienced rafters are taken to the hardest section of currents to enable them tip over. If a guide is leading a group of inexperienced members, team leader will address each rapid at the easiest part so that they don’t flip over. If the inexperienced members encounter a large rapid, they get out the rafts and walk around it. Steering through every rapid gives a different experience and depends on the navigation of the guide.

The main route on river Nile has 9 rapids of which 4 are grade. These rapids become quicker and stronger as you go down stream. In the middle of the rapids there are calm waters and islands where participants can relax, swim or take lunch. One activity of white water rafting can cover a distance of 26 km. expect to see local fishing men drying their clothes by the river side. River Nile in Jinja is a birders paradise with about 100 bird species.  Participants may also spot vervet monkeys swinging on the top of trees on the riversides.

Is white water rafting safe in Jinja.

Yes, Whitewater rafting is safe in Jinja because the crew is well trained and experienced in navigating through the rapids. It’s good to follow instructions from your guides for your safety and enjoyment. Participants are provided with life jackets and helmets to keep them safe in case they trip over. When you talk about tripping over, a participant needs to hold on to the ropes around the raft or raise knees to their chest beneath the waves.

River Nile has deep waters and with this you don’t need to fear about falling on the rocks. Rafting in other countries is more dangerous because you might hit the rocks when you fall even though the caves are smaller. There are rescue teams that move ahead of the groups in kayaks and their task is to rescue stranded rafters, carrying snacks and fresh fruits to be consumed during the main break. Apart from the rescue team there are boats to take back participants that are no longer interested in the game and want to go back.

Important information about white water rafting in Jinja

There are four companies that offer white water rafting services in Jinja and they include Nalubale rafting, adrift and river explorers which can be booked through tour operators or the company itself.

White water rafting costs USD 145 to USD 225 depending on the activity if its half day or full day.

The best time to for white water rafting in Jinja is during the dry months and these are January to February and even June to September. In these periods, the sky is clear with strong light and it’s good to apply sunscreen so as to avoid red skin

You must move with extra clothes to use after rafting

Instead of standard whitewater rafting, tourists can opt to go for jet boat riding which involves the use of a special boat to race down the rapids of river Nile. Jet boat costs USD 75

Tubing the Nile is another activity one should do while visiting the Jinja and river Nile. This activity involves drifting on river Nile using an inflated tube while sunbathing, watching birds and marveling at the beautiful scenery.

White water rafting can be merged with other activities such as gorilla trekking in Bwindi, visiting Murchison falls, Kidepo valley or Queen Elizabeth national park.

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