River Nile tours in Uganda

What to do on river Nile tours in Uganda and safaris in Murchison Falls National Park

River Nile Safaris And Tours In Uganda

River Nile safaris and tours in Uganda: River Nile is one of the rivers that moves through over 10 African countries and it has its origin in Uganda’s city of Jinja. River Nile passes through Murchison falls national park and splits it into two parts of northern and southern parts. Murchison falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest national park.

River Nile flows from eastern direction to southern and the river inhabits a lot of aquatic species including birds, crocodiles, and hippopotamus among others. The fact that the river provides a permanent water source in the park, most of the animals rush to this river for drinking water especially during hot climatic conditions, and this services as an exciting moment for visitors taking a boat cruise on this African longest river Nile.

As earlier said the movement of the river Nile starts from Uganda in Jinja city where it has its source and it ends its journey into Mediterranean seas this means that roughly the river flows for about 6500 kilometers up to Egypt. The river is an engine to different countries of Africa as it has contributed much towards their economic development.  Several countries that have benefited much from the river Nile include Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, and Egypt among others that do benefit indirectly.

Most countries have set up hydroelectric power projects that have helped to boost their economy, besides, River Nile act as a big tourist attraction, provision of water, fishing activities, and also a source of transport means. Several dams in Uganda such as Isimba dam, Karuma dam, Bujjagali dam all have been constructed on the river Nile and this forms an engine to the economic growth of Uganda.

If you have ever been to Egypt, you will find out that most of the historical sites are located on the riverbanks of the river Nile. Egypt and Sudan greater are one of the countries that entirely depend on the river Nile and have been using it even during ancient times. River Nile makes 2 tributaries named white and the blue Nile with the latter being the important source of fresh water and the former being the longest, reaching the great lakes region of central African republic.

What to do on river Nile tours in Uganda and safaris in Murchison Falls National Park

Sportfishing tours on the river Nile: this one of the major activities done by tourists on the river Nile. While in Murchison Falls National Park, sport fishing can be conducted at Albert Nile where you will get the fishing experience, the most fish caught here mainly include electric fish, babel fish, and Nile perch among several species. You will need to make your booking early since this is restricted activity and where you will need to use the boat do the fishing,

Another important activity done on the river Nile is known as boat cruise safaris. This a wonderful experience for the visitors as you take a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison falls, explore different animal species in larger numbers while on your boat cruise safari on the river Nile. Such animals include buffaloes, Nile crocodiles, elephants, and hippopotamuses among others. Taking a boat cruise on Murchison falls national park will make you view the African nature wonders in terms of flora and fauna species. Explore the various bird species and many other attractions of interest.

Visiting tours to Karuma Falls: River Nile forms spectacular waterfall in the world including Murchison falls, Karuma falls among others. Karuma falls are so magnificent that visitors cannot miss to see them, take a tour, and watch the wonders. You can take a boat cruise and explore these waterfalls on the Nile. Visitors can as well trek for about 40minutes to the top of the falls and see how water is flowing is a good nature steams towards Lake Albert this is a wonderful adventure activity for any traveler or visitor in Murchison Falls National Park.

There are other different activities that you can engage in while on river Nile tours in Uganda such as white water rafting carried out at Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls National Park. This offers the ultimate experience to the visitors. The wonderful tourist activity is done of 8 grade three to five rapids offers an experience to remember. Come and explore the source of the Nile and be told how all it started for Uganda to be called the source of the Nile

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