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Uganda is home to over 1,050 bird species, which can be found across a range of habitats from forests, swamps and agricultural lands, to lakes and savannahs

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Our bird watching and Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda takes you to major birding spots in Uganda for birding activities and Bwindi for gorilla encounter. Uganda is home to over 1,050 bird species, which can be found across a range of habitats from forests, swamps and agricultural lands, to lakes and savannahs. Uganda is crossed by the equator, and the Albertine Rift valley can be found in the west of the country. We encourage birding enthusiasts to consider visiting this beautiful country!

Bird watching Safari Overview

There is no place in the world for bird watching like Uganda, well known for both migrants/seasonal and endemic bird species. Bird watching safari in Uganda is a real encounter for bird lovers, we visit Uganda’s No.1 birding spots which includes Mabamba swamp, Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale and Semuliki national park.

Bird watching and Gorilla trekking safari will provide an opportunity to you to explore the imperative birds and meeting the red eyed mountain gorillas from areas mentioned below: – wetlands, savanna grasslands, rivers, lakes and Impenetrable forests. Spotting thousand varieties of birds as you trail the must bird see sites of pearl of Africa. Expect to spot amazing floras and faunas. Join our most Experienced Africa Adventure Vacations Team for a memorable bird watching and gorilla safari in Uganda.

Day 1: Bird watching safari Entebbe

Our bird watching and Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda day one Depends on your arrival time at Entebbe international airport, our professional birding tour guide will warmly welcome you, then proceed to your hotel for refreshment, an afternoon visit around Entebbe botanical gardens, Uganda wildlife education center to spot the following bird species which include: Common Ruff Wood, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Green Shank, Long-tailed and Great Cormorants, Madagascar Bee-eater, Green Crombec, Orange weaver, Great Blue and Ross’s Turacos, Red Chested, Klaas’s and Died rick Cuckoo, Great Reed, Grey Capped, Sedge, Greater Swamp and Eurosian Reed Warblers, Fain Tailed Widow bird, Striped, Malachite, Giant, Woodland and Pygmy Kingfishers, Golden and Yellow backed weavers, Superb sun bird, Bare faced go-away-bird, Ross’s and Great blue Turacos, Grey and Brown Parrots, Palm Swift, Little Swift, Entebbe Weaver (an endemic to Uganda that was recorded at the site only once), White spotted Fluff tail. Overnight stay at either at 2 friends Guest House Entebbe on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 2: Mabamba wetland – Lutembe bay

An early morning breakfast and packed snacks, we head for the Mabamba Bay and its surrounding areas which is a very important birding spot on our bird watching safari in Uganda here we encounter the endemic Shoebill Stork one of the threatened species in Uganda and other African regions. Apart from the shoebill this wetland habits other bird species which includes: the Lesser Jacana and the African Purple Swamp hen, Reed Warblers, Pygmy and Spur Winged Goose, African Marsh Harrier, Rufous Bellied Heron, Caspian tern, Great knot, Hottentots teal, Temminck’s stint, Broad billed sand pipers, which are vagrant visitors in addition to the masses of ducks and waders, African Grey Parrots, Broad Billed Roller, Grey Woodpecker, Klaas’s, Died rick and Red Chested Cuckoo, Superb, Red Chested, Scarlet Chested, Collard, Green Throated and Copper Sunbird, Orange Spotted Backed, Black Headed, Slender Billed and Golden Backed Weaver among others. Overnight stay at either 2 friends Guest House Entebbe on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 3: Kampala-Lake Mburo National Park

On our day three of bird watching safari in Uganda, we move to the next birding destination which happens to be Lake Mburo national park after our breakfast, driving to western Uganda via Masaka-Mbarara highway. Amazing stopover at the Uganda equator for amazing photo take, informative talks, shop snacks and after proceed to Lake Mburo National Park.Birding is one of the major activities in Lake Mburo National Park and the best spots for birding are near the swamps at Warukiri and Rwonyo. The park is home to 315 bird species, which include the crested francolin, emerald-spotted wood dove, brown parrot, barefaced go-away bird, red-necked spurfowl, common quails, black-billed barbet, greenwood hoopoe, blue-napped mousebird, lilac-breasted roller, African-grey hornbill, Nubian woodpecker, trilling cisticola, bee-eaters and the cheeky bronze-tailed starling and the majestic crowned crane and many animals. You also have chances of sighting the rare African finfoot, shoebill, African fish eagle, and malachite and pied kingfishers while on a boat safari on Lake Mburo. Dinner and overnight at Mihingo safari lodge.

Day 4 Guided Walk-Boat ride

After our early morning breakfast we set off for bird watching safari with our professional bird guide for full day bird trail, wildlife and flora viewing, birds expected to be spotted include: Coqui and Crested Francolin, Temminck’s Courser, Martial Eagle, Ruppell’s Griffon, White Headed, Lappet Faced Vultures, Rufous-bellied Heron, Lesser Jacana and Moorhen, Harlequin Quail, Red-faced Barbet, Red Headed Weaver, we head for the boat cruise along Lake Mburo to search for the water birds among them include: African Fin foots, pelican bee-eaters, vultures, swallows and much more species, Return to lodge for some refreshment and then transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable national park in such for more unique birds and giant mountain gorillas, dinner and overnight. Meal plan: Full-Board.

Day 5: Bwindi impenetrable National Park

Bwindi’s impenetrable forest is voted Africa’s best birding spot by Africa Bird Club, owing to the rare bird species found here and the park’s conservation efforts. It is easily accessible for birding with maintained birding trails in the forest. Bwindi is home to about 350 species of birds, including 23 Albertine Rift endemics of which 14 are not recorded anywhere else in Uganda. Species to look out for include the African green broadbill, Chapin’s flycatcher, Shelley’s crimson swing, handsome francolin, mountain-masked and collared apalis, white-bellied robin chat, black billed turaco, Fraser’s eagle, western bronze-naped pigeon, purple-breasted, blue-headed and regal sunbirds and also is known for containing/harboring large number of endangered mountain gorillas. On this day you will do Batwa cultural encounters for cultural performances and storytelling about the impenetrable forest and how they survive a bush life out technology, and other things of modern life but only hunting and looking for honey. Dinner and overnight at Buhoma safari lodge on full board.

Day 6: Gorilla trekking – Bwindi Impenetrable national park

Today is the highlight of your Bird watching and gorilla trekking safari! Early in the morning, your guides will brief you before you head into the dense forest on your search for the gorillas and an intimate interaction with these gentle and endangered animals. The forest also affords viewing of other primates including blue monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, red tailed monkeys and chimpanzee, along with a variety of bird life. The time spent trekking in this unspoiled tropical forest and watching the gorillas is certainly worth the effort. In the evening relax back at Buhoma safari lodge

Day 7Bird watching and transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

After breakfast, embark on another attention-grabbing activity within the forest bird watching and this forest is one of the African forests with many bird specifies and the different thing with forest it has 23 endemic bird species which cannot be found anywhere in Uganda and the entire world, During searching for birds many other creatures will be discovered such as insects, reptiles and some small primates on their daily routine of looking for survival after this big nature walk in such for birds you will return to the lodge for lunch and then transfer to queen Elizabeth national park,dinner and overnight at Parkview safaris.Meal plan full board

Day 8: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a birdwatcher’s haven with over 600 bird species. The birds are relatively easy to spot, and you can expect to take great photos as you explore the park and its various environments. The bird species to look out for include the African mourning dove, swamp flycatcher, grey-headed kingfisher, African skimmer, malachite and pied kingfishers, white-winged terns, grey-capped warbler, collared pratincole, pin-tailed whydah, martial eagle, gabon and slender-tailed nightjars, black-headed gonolek, Verreaux’s eagle-owl, sedge warbler, papyrus canary, great white and pink-backed pelicans, African mourning dove and yellow-billed stork. Also look out for the flamingos at the salt lakes of Katwe and Bunyampaka.

Day 9: Early morning game drive – Afternoon boat launch in Queen Elizabeth Park

Begin your morning with a heavy breakfast and then depart for the stunning morning game drive where all the big game can be seen in abundance. Famous for elephant and kobs, expect to see some rarer animals like giant forest hog. There are 638 recorded bird species in the park! After lunch, enjoy a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel which connects Lakes Edward and George, for large numbers of buffalo and hippo. Dinner and overnight at outstanding accommodation facilities of Parkview safari lodge, Meal plan: Full board

Day 10. Transfer to semuliki national park

After morning breakfast you will embark on your transfer to Semuliki National Park for more experience and getting exposed to many birds, located in western Uganda in the Albertine Rift valley, has a record 441 species in its riverine, forest and grasslands avian habitats. On the arrival you will check in at your booked lodge and relax with a bottle of called water and cool country music, later in the evening have a simple game drive where you will notice very many small antelopes and caped buffaloes, dinner and an overnight at semuliki safari lodge.

Day 11. Transfer to Kibale Forest national park

After our early morning breakfast we set off for bird watching safari with our professional bird guide for half day bird trail, wildlife and flora viewing, birds expected to spot Guinea-Congo biome species in its lowland forest. The species to look out for include the African piculet, Maxwell’s black weaver, blue-billed malimbe, yellow-throated nectar, black dwarf hornbill, Nkulengu rail, piping hornbill, blue-billed malimbe, yellow-throated cuckoo, dwarf honey guide, great blue and Ross’s turaco, purple-breasted sunbird, orange weaver, white-crested hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, African piculet and swamp palm bulbul. And the mentioned bird species with seen on your visit to semuliki national park and some other primates. Return to the lodge for lunch and check out to transfer to Kibale national park. Dinner and overnight at Ndali safari lodge.

Day 12. Kibale national park

After your early morning breakfast set off for bird watching safari in Kibale Forest is a prime birding spot with over 375 bird species, including six endemic to the Albertine Rift area. It is an excellent birding spot with varied habitat and dense vegetation. The number one sought after bird in the Kibale Forest is the green-breasted pitta. Other bird species to look out for include the red-chested owlet, purple-breasted sunbird, blue-breasted kingfisher, crowned eagle, little greenbul, black bee-eater, white-naped pigeon, scaly-breasted illadopsis, yellow-throated nicator, white-headed wood hoopoe, red-headed malimbe, yellow-spotted barbet, dusky-blue flycatcher, grey-throated flycatcher, grey-winged robin, crested flycatcher, blue-shouldered robin chat, yellow-spotted barbet, black-billed turaco, white-naped pigeon, red-chested flufftail and tiny sunbird. Return to the lodge for relaxation, lunch and Afternoon guided walk in the crater lakes area of the park for outstanding cultural visit and bigodi swamp a place with incredible birds including the solitary shoe bill. Dinner and overnight at ndali safari lodge.

Day 11: Chimpanzee Trekking Kibale National Park

In the morning you will have breakfast then be transferred to Kibale Headquarters for briefing before setting off for chimpanzees trail. Chimp trail is one fascinating action to do on this 10 days wildlife safari in Uganda. The trail will be guided to provide information not only on chimpanzees and primates but also on small creatures making it interesting. The walk will reward you with other primates like Grey cheeked Mangabeys, Colobus monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, phoestes, and butterflies. After trailing the chimps in the afternoon you will Transfer to Murchison falls national park for the most remarkable and wowing activities and experience, Dinner and overnight at Pakuba safari lodge, Meal plan: Full board

Day 12. Morning game drive – Afternoon boat cruise safari – Murchison falls national falls

After your early morning breakfast at around 6:30am, our driver guide together with the game ranger picks you up at 7:00am for the early game drive.

The early game drive is a better time for the great sightings of the nocturnal animals and hunters before they return to their hideouts as well as the early risers.

The Nile that crosses Murchison falls national park bisects it into the South and North sections. The North section is more endowed with game compared to the south. For that matter the north is preferred for game drives.

Explore the major game trails especially around the area of  Chobefor good game spotting including lots of elephants, lion, giraffe, antelopes, Jackals, hyenas, waterbucks, Jackson’s Hartebeests and hopefully the elusive leopards among others.

At around 11:30am you return back to the lodge for your lunch and some relaxation for an indefinitely short time. Later we set out for the afternoon Boat cruises on the Victoria Nile which is the high spot of any Murchison Falls Safari for you get to spot lots of animals at a close encounter.

You will have to spot lots of hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes and many other animals that come to drink water, refresh and cool themselves off the scorching sun and some animals to eat the fresh grass along the river banks.

The Nile is also a birds’ magnet. You will also be shown the crush point of Ernest Hemingway. The ride takes you close to the base of the Murchison Falls and here you are treated to yet another sight of these lovely falls.

You could hike to the top of the falls before the return ride, then return back to the lodge for your dinner and overnight.

Overnight at Pakuba safari lodge

Meal Plan – Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Day 12. Transfer to Kampala – Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Start your with early morning breakfast and morning game drive in the park and the embark on the journey back to Kampala drive through Masindi. Stop over at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino Trekking. A guided walking safari will take you close to watch the rhinos grazing in the wild. Lunch and Proceed to Kampala to meet your return flight at Entebbe International airport or you can stay another night in Kampala at fairway hotel and spa to end your Bird watching and gorilla trekking safari.

 End of the birding watching , gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda

12 Days Bird watching and gorilla trekking safari in Uganda includes:

Airport transfers

Transportation by safari van

Accommodation and meals as per itinerary

Foot safaris

Chimpanzee trekking

Gorilla trekking


Cultural encounter

5 Game drives


Rhino trekking

Horseback riding safaris

Boat cruise

English, Spanish, French, Germany and Russian speaking Driver Guide

En-route lunches

Visit the equator

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