Water Rafting in Jinja Uganda

Whitewater rafting in Jinja Uganda is graded 4 and 5 offer the best experiences

Water Rafting in Jinja Uganda

River Nile is a popular destination for white Water Rafting activities in Jinja Uganda and it takes you in the middle of the Nile, passing through chaotic and stormy rapids. The Jinja Nile rapids that are graded 4 and 5 offer the best water rafting experiences not only in Uganda but the entire African continent.

The recent construction of the Bujagali and Isimba dams have led to the destruction of some of Grade five rapids such as Namizi and Kyabirwa but water rafting remains thriving and rafting companies have adjusted their launching point and overall route further downstream to offer the same adrenaline rush and beautiful scenery of the Nile.

Water rafting in Jinja normally starts with a morning breakfast before being driven to the banks of river Nile. All visitors are advised to leave all their valuable and dry clothes in the car with their guide drivers. The teams are then briefed about their safety and what they expect during white water rafting adventure by a professional, experienced and knowledgeable guide by going through every aspect of safety to ensure that all rafters have the best memorable experience possible.

Rafters are briefed on how they can get hold of the rope for safety, how to paddle and how to fall out of the raft in the right way possible. Guests are also advised to remain as calm as possible if they trip over while holding their breath.

You should travel with extra underclothing and dry clothes if you intend to go for water rafting in Jinja. Pack light clothes that can dry faster because you will be in and out of water for a number of times.

Before the beginning of water rafting adventure in jinja, guests are given an opportunity to choose either to explore an easy route or a difficult trail. Those who are not ready for Grade 4 and 5 Levels may opt for grade 3 rafting experiences.

Families travels are also thought of by operators through giving family members an option of going for the slower family float trip tailored to enjoy the river whilst avoiding the major rapids.

All participants must sign a form with details about any ailments. Visitors with hypertension or anemia are excepted from water rafting adventure activities in Jinja.

After a detailed briefing session; helmets and waterproof jackets and given to rafter and fastened before the beginning of the activity. The first mile gives the guides more time to train all the participants before navigating to the stronger rapids and more spectacular downstream.

Every moment you reach the next rapid, the guides ask visitors if they are to take an easy route (at the edges) or the difficult route which is always the middle way. The decision is always based on the majority; if the majority votes for the hard way, then you must get ready for the challenge.

Those with rafting experience may be taken to the strongest section of currents to allow them flip over while inexperienced members approach each rapid at the weakest or easiest point part to avoid flipping over.

At times the inexperienced group may encounter a large rapid but they may get out of their rafts and walk around it. Navigation through each rapid rewards a different experience and depends entirely on how the lead guide steers.

The main route has 9 main rapids for water rafting on the Nile in Jinja and four of them are grade 5.  The rapids become stronger and quicker as you go downstream of the Nile. In-between the rapids are calm with several islands were rafters may relax, swim, take lunch or marvel at the beautiful scenery.

Visitors can cover a distance of approximately 26 kms during white water rafting adventure experience in Jinja.  During your tour, expect to meet several locals fishing, swimming and drying their clothes at the banks of River Nile.

During white water rafting in Jinja Uganda, guests might spot a number of primates such as vervet monkeys swigging at the tree branches and several bird species at the bank of the river.

Is water rafting safe in Jinja Uganda?

Many visitors in Uganda ask if water rafting in Jinja is safe; the answer is YES; white water rafting is a very safe activity for adventure travelers because the guides are highly trained and experienced in navigating though the rapids. For your safety and enjoyment, it is paramount to adhere and follow instructions from your guide. Rafters are also provided with life jackets and strong helmets to protect them in case they flip over.

River Nile has deep waters and guests shouldn’t get worried of falling onto the rock and cause physical injuries. In most cases rafting in many countries are so risky due shallow waters characterized by rock outcrops which may pose a high risk to rafters of hitting their head onto those rocks or cause physical injuries even though the waves are smaller. Therefore; guides in Jinja during water rafting experiences allow flipping of boat for several time because the threats from the rocks is minimal.

More still, there are several rescue teams that navigate ahead of the group in Kayaks to rescue and stranded visitors during water rafting experiences in Jinja. The rescue team also carries snacks and fresh fruits eaten by rafters over a certain break.

Besides rescue Kayaks, safety boats are always available to sail participants who no longer wish to continue with rafting activities in Jinja.

The rafts for families with younger children and adolescents are advised to choose a route that passes through smaller rapids and scenic islands to explore the forests and other channels of River Nile.

More about white water rafting in Jinja Uganda

Currently; we have four companies offering white water rafting adventure activities in Jinja Uganda and bookings can either be made directly through them or with a trusted tour operator.

The cost of water rafting in Jinja Uganda ranges between $145 and $255 depending on whether you booked for full day or half day activity. 5 Days gorilla safari and Water rafting takes you to Bwindi forest national park for gorilla trekking in Uganda and white water rafting in Jinja.

Water Rafting in Uganda can be done throughout the year however, the best time to go for this activity in Jinja is during dry seasons of December to February and June to September. The skies are clear during the dry seasons with strong sunlight which is a perfect time for photography.  It is also very important to apply sunscreen to avoid getting red skin.

The safety Kayakers and rafters always carry equipment and a camera to capture all rafting moments. Photos are stored on a CD and may cost about $70 for each adventure.

You need extra clothes for use after rafting and some money to buy souvenirs to commemorate your adventure.

Besides water rafting, guests may go for Jet boat riding to race down the rapids of the Nile in Jinja. All participants are given life jackets and helmets for safety purposes. Jet boat riding in Jinja costs $75 for adults and $50 for children under 12. Tubing the Nile is also another exciting activity tourists may undertake on their visit to Jinja. You will drift on the Nile using an inflated tube to explore the river through bird watching, sunbathing and marveling at the beautiful scenery around the Nile. Tubing can be arranged on calm waters and close to the rapids.

Water rafting in Jinja can be combined with other activities such as gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga, Safari Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo valley, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo, Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale and cultural tours in most regions of the country.

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