Trails in Maramagambo Forest Queen Elizabeth National Park

These involve walking for over 11 kilometers into the valley which is about 5 to 6 hours in the entire forest.

Trails in Maramagambo Forest Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are different trails within Maramagambo forest that visitors can use while participating in different forest activities such as primate viewing, bird watching safaris, Guided nature walks, visits to the cave among others. The prominent trails in Maramagambo forest include;

The waterfall trail in Maramagambo Forest: This involves walking for over 11 kilometers into the valley which is about 5 to 6 hours in the entire forest. Visitors will explore the fascinating hilly terrain of Maramagambo forest via the welt folded terrain. This trailhead is as interesting as it will lead you to the prominent Kilyantama falls which are prominent waterfalls within the Maramagambo Forest.  Be ready to spot the tree that the local communities used to get backcloth from which they used to make mats, clothes locally, and others. This is a so interesting trail that you can best explore while in Maramagambo Forest.

The valley trail in Maramagambo Forest: Here visitors will need to walk for over 3 and a half kilometers to explore this fantastic trail in Maramagambo Forest. You will walk for over 2 hours in the valley. It is so interesting trail with better sceneries of tree species such as Viagra that has a lot of importance to the local community. Come and explore the significance of this tree in the Maramagambo forest among other tree species within the forest.

Palm tree trail in Maramagambo Forest: This trail will necessitate you to walk for about 7 hours on flat terrain. The trail is about five kilometers long as you get enticed with different tree species including frame tree that is believed to increase the sex libido of women as well Raphia palm tree prominent tree species that acts as a source of raw materials for making local bats by local women in Bunyarugulu.

River trail in Maramagambo Forest: this trail leads you to river Kajojo and visitors use this trail to walk around this river. Distinguished tree species can be explored and if you’re lucky, you will be able to explore and see some little elephants. Because this river was a resting and cooling place for elephants hence delivering its name Kajojo which means elephants. Visitors will need to walks for one hour as you encounter tree species as well as bird species.

Forest trail in Maramagambo Forest: here you need to be physically fit to be able to trek and hike within this trail to encounter a lot of unique things in the Forest. You will climb some hills as you spot different species including birds.

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