Rukuzi Trail In Nyungwe

Hiking the Rukuzi trail is an opportunity to see chimpanzees.

Rukuzi Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

Rukuzi trail is located in Nyungwe forest national park Rwanda and covering 9 kilometers long which takes about 5 hours to complete a full circuit. Rukuzi trail is among the longest hiking trails in Nyungwe forest but it is such a rewarding experience enabling tourists to encounter beautiful vegetation and some of the wildlife permanent residents of the forest including the chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, a lot of bird species and the butterflies.

This trail is one of the best trails in Nyungwe forest as it leads tourists to the most interesting trekking experience in the forest that is chimpanzees, they are usually seen along the Rukuzi trail plus other primates like colobus monkeys. Apart from primates, this trail also takes in some beautiful views that amazingly catch the hiker’s sight.

Hiking the Rukuzi trail during the rainy season is somehow difficult due to the steep slopes but worth it. This season start from March, April, May, October and November is when most of the parts in Nyungwe forest receives an excess of 100mm rainfalls which make the trail more muddy and slippery, but people who hike this trail during the rainy season have a big opportunity of seeing chimpanzees than in dry season. Though it is too tough in the rainy months.

Rukuzi trail is also the best option for bird lovers, this is the ideal choice that will allow you to spot many resident birds especially a large number of Palaearctic migrants and other species are at their most colorful and conspicuous. Rukuzi trail is also famous for wildlife species in Nyungwe forest,

Hiking the Rukuzi trail is an opportunity to see chimpanzees, a beautiful view of Lake Kivu, and visiting the canopy walk experience and the tea plantations.

Apart from the Rukuzi trail, Nyungwe Forest National Park has many walking trails such as Irebero, Ngabwe, waterfall trail, Bigugu, Congo Nile Divide Trails, Umoyove, Muzimu, and Karamba among others.  All these trails have unique tourist attractions and offer you amazing experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.  While planning a safari to the Nyungwe forest, you can also visit Volcanoes National Park at least for one of remarkable experience which is mountain gorilla trekking and explore more about these primates.

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