Is Gorilla Trekking Uganda Difficult

Some trekkers say that gorilla trekking in Uganda is hard because of the hikes to high elevations and others call this a life time experience

Difficulty Of Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Many travelers to Uganda have been discussing on gorilla trekking in Uganda being difficulty and others have been sharing ideas of how difficult is gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda in different platforms such as trip advisor but we have some detailed information below.

Some trekkers say that gorilla trekking in Uganda is hard because of the hikes to high elevations and others call this a life time experience because walking to and from the thick tropical forest is another wonderful experience while others that are defeated take it to be a difficult exercise of the day, so every traveler describes gorilla trekking in their own way.

Now if you are done with booking your gorilla tracking safari to Uganda and you have all the necessary requirements such as a gorilla permit which is confirmed for particular dates, you shouldn’t worry about how difficult it will be when you enter the thick forest especially that of Bwindi as gorilla trekking offers experience and what suits the visitors special requests and interests. Those people that are not physically fit will not be allocated a gorilla family that is very far, they will always get for them a gorilla family that is very near, all age brackets are catered for and a group of old people is given a slow pace and easiest gorilla family to trek.

Gorilla trekking as an activity involves trekkers hiking mountains and thick forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest, and for this reason, some gorillas stay at a high altitude of 2000 to 3000 and this is when most of the trekkers start getting difficulties and others even below this. Bwindi impenetrable forest is a tropical forest meaning it can rain any time of the day and the rains wet the terrains but this does not stop gorilla trekking from taking place, so this is where the trek becomes difficult but others call it an experience of life.

Charging of mountain gorillas / silver back, Bwindi impenetrable forest is a home to a number of wildlife such as buffalo, elephants and other primates, sometimes while following the trails to where the mountain gorillas are on that day, there are chances of meeting such animals on your way and they can charge and attack you because they are not like savannah wild animals that are used to human presence around them. Another scenario is when wild mountain gorillas meet habituated gorillas and fight for some good time before you see them, you might find these habituated mountain gorillas when they have charged and they can back at you but the ranger guides are always available to help you, when the situation goes beyond normal, the armed men will always scare shoots as they get a safe area for the clients.

Booking accommodation in a trekking sector that is not the same from where you will be trekking mountain gorillas, for example, you book accommodation in Buhoma and you secure a gorilla permit for Ruhija, or accommodation at a far place that needs a 3 hours’ drive to the park offices. This most happens with travelers who prefer travelling alone without using any knowledge from tour operators, since availability of gorilla permits sometimes turns crazy., clients end up buying gorilla permits for any sector without considering the accommodation they booked, so they end up messing on the day of trekking as they need to wake up very early and travel long distances so as to attend the pre- gorilla trekking briefing at the park headquarters and this makes gorilla trekking in Uganda difficult. We always advise travelers to use registered operators such as Africa Adventure Vacations to organize for you a gorilla trekking safari to Africa.

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