Gorilla Trekking Duration In Bwindi, Volcanoes And Virunga

Gorilla trekking duration takes from 0 minutes to 8 hours depending on the location of mountain gorillas

Gorilla Trekking Duration In Uganda, Rwanda And Congo

What is the gorilla trekking duration in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo? Most tourists confuse gorilla safari duration which means the entire time you need to complete a gorilla trekking safari with gorilla trekking duration. But gorilla trekking duration means the time you spend on a gorilla trek that a single day. A gorilla trekking safari begins in the morning either pre-gorilla trekking briefing at the park briefing center where you are taught about the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking before being led by a ranger guide into the forest to start your hike in search for these giant apes.

Gorilla trekking duration on the day of trekking, you wake up early morning and take your heavy breakfast, park your lunch and water depending on where you spent our night and then transfer to the park offices or the briefing point of the park, briefing normally starts at 7:45am and it is done for 30 minutes. You will be taught about the rules and regulations of gorillas trekking and again the dos and don’ts while in the forests looking for gorillas plus when you finally meet the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

It’s during the pre-gorilla briefing time that all clients with special requests like a gorilla family, short walks, physical fitness, age and others are handled, the park officials deal with guides to handle all the matters that is if there is space.

The trekkers are grouped into 8 individuals and are assigned a gorillas family and you should take note that each gorilla family is visited once on a single day. Accompanied by a Uganda wildlife authority ranger guide, you will move into the forest and start looking for gorillas, some travelers say that gorilla trekking is done in two phases with the first phase being the starting point and the enter the forest. The second phrase is that point in the forest when you finally meet the mountain gorillas.

Yes, gorilla trekking duration takes from 0 minutes to 8 hours depending on the location of mountain gorillas on a particular day, due to a number of factors such as food, fights, speed of trekkers and nature of terrain. Mountain gorillas are wild animals so they are very mobile, you cannot be sure of their location until you meet them.

Mountain gorilla live on high altitude of 2000 – 3000, so in Bwindi, you need to hike through the undulating hills and dense forest that is full of trees, herbs and shrubs and in some cases you might find a ranger guide making new trails as you find your way to where these mountain gorillas nested the previous night. Gorillas trekking is a difficult activity and serious physical exercises are needed before the actual trek in the thick forest. Africa adventure vacations organizes gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

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