Waterfall Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park

Hiking through the waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest national park starts with a briefing from Nyungwe forest lodge

Waterfall Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park

Waterfall Trail in Nyungwe forest takes you through an off-beaten track and see some of the beautiful attractions which are found in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Hiking through the waterfall trail you will enjoy the sound of a river flowing through the forest floor, verdant vegetation, streams, a lot of primate species and birds.

The Waterfall trail is also referred to as the Isumo trail. It is about 10.6 kilometers long and takes only 4-5 hours to complete the hike. The waterfall trail rewards tourists with beautiful views, wildlife, bird species, and also takes you through tea plantations as well as viewing the jaw-dropping Isumo waterfalls.

Hiking through the waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest national park starts with a briefing from Nyungwe forest lodge or Gisakura guesthouse usually in the morning or afternoon and from here you can see tea plantations of Gisakura, a lot of butterflies and among others.

Hiking waterfalls through the tea plantations is one of the best and easiest hikes because you will enjoy the breathtaking tea fields where you can see some primates like colobus monkey at the edges of the forest.

You can hike the trail which is going downhill and once at the bottom, you will able to see the beautiful small stream flowing while the trail slops into a steep rainforest and thick vegetation but from here, you can enjoy the sound of the river falling below and the cool moist air. Also best for bird lovers, reptiles and a lot of snake species.

Hiking uphill to a higher altitude is an amazing experience, but no tourist attraction can be spotted apart from wildflowers. This is because the high elevation doesn’t favor the growth of vegetation.

 The Trail culminates in seeing the magnificent Isumo which is a massive waterfall of about 25 meters in height. You can take pictures and view different tourist attractions such as primates like the colobus monkeys, black and white and blue monkeys, birds, tree species and the Caves in the overhanging cliffs are seen along the way spice up the experience of hiking along the waterfall trail.  The waterfall hike is somehow difficult so to complete this hike you need to be physically fit.

When to visit waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest.

Waterfall trails in Nyungwe forest national park can be conducted all year round but it is best during the driest months of January, February, June, August, September and December when the hiking trails are less slippery and muddy. You have to keep in your mind that Nyungwe forest is a tropical rainforest and we expect rain at any time so come with a rain jacket, hiking boots and many more to avoid disturbances.

What to pack for the waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest national park.

To enjoy this amazing trail in Nyungwe forest national park, you have to carry a rain jacket as it may rain any time, a camera with extra batteries, binoculars, hiking boots, long-sleeved clothes, a hat, garden gloves, water and energy drinks and a walking stick is provided at free of charge from the reception center.

Where to stay during the waterfall trail hike in Nyungwe forest.

There are several accommodation facilities and safari lodges where you can spend a night on your safari in Nyungwe forest national park. The park is known as the second-best destination in Rwanda and its biodiversity cannot be found anywhere else in the entire part of Africa.  These are some of the best lodges where you can stay to make your safari complete include Nyungwe forest lodge, Nyungwe top view hotel, Gisakura guesthouse, one and only Nyungwe house, wilderness campsite.

How to reach Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest national park is situated in the southwestern parts of Rwanda on the border of Burundi which will take you about 5 hours to drive from Kigali city or you can use a flight from Kigali international airport to Kamembe by Rwanda air every morning from 8:30 am and arriving at 9:00 am which takes only 40 minutes.

After visiting Nyungwe forest national park, you can also visit other parks in Rwanda like Volcanoes national park where you will get a chance to explore more about mountain gorilla or golden monkey tracking. Akagera national park is also the best option for wildlife viewing safari for the big 5 as well as a boat ride on Lake Ihema.

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