Wildlife safaris in Kidepo

If you are planning you're to destination safari for wildlife, then Kidepo valley National is the answer it will be a good choice for your vacation.

Wildlife safaris of Kidepo National Park

Wildlife safaris in Kidepo national park involve the activity of visitors seeing different animal and plant species that are housed within the park.  Kidepo valley national park has the most amazing and abundant wildlife species among the ten national parks in Uganda.

Most of the wildlife species in Kidepo valley national park are cuts or predators that depend on fresh such as leopards, lions, black-backed jackals, and the bat-eared fox among others. The park has an estimated number of 12 antelopes which include Uganda kob. Bushbucks, eland, Oribi, Jackson’s hartebeest, klipspringer among others.

It is only Kidepo valley national park that has district wildlife species that cannot be sighted in any other park in Uganda. Some of the unique animal species only found here include cheetahs, Guenther’s dik-dik, Kudu, mountain reedbuck, Gunther’s dik-dik among others.it is strange but true that Kidepo as Savannah Park has 5 species of primates with patas monkeys taking the lead. Visitors can also see Rothschild’s giraffe which an endangered giraffe found in Kidepo National park.

If you are planning you’re to destination safari for wildlife, then Kidepo valley National is the answer it will be a good choice for your vacation. This national park wildlife is untamed and has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife viewing. Imagine a sight on the cheetahs, the mountain reedbuck, and the Guenther’s dik-dik on the same safari on Uganda’s wildness. The wildlife in Kidepo makes Kidepo National Park be a great spot for wildlife safaris in Uganda.

The best time for viewing wildlife species during the dry season which happens around November to February. During this time, the animals focus mostly on reliable water sources unlike in the Wet season (around April to August) when animals disperse from the valleys and move to higher grounds and afar from driving trails making it more difficult to locate them. Want to view the wildlife in Kidepo? Book a Kidepo safari with us today and we shall draft for you an itinerary to the most isolated national park in Uganda.

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