Ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park

Usually ostriches lay in the dry season  and can lay 15 eggs per month

Ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park

Are there Ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park? Yes, found in Eastern Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is the only park in Uganda where you can find the magnificence birds in the names of Ostriches sometimes called “Struthio Camelus”. Visitors who have visited Kidepo valley national park have testified how they have enjoyed seeing the ostriches within the park with their dashed runs when threated.

Ostriches are one of the rare and beautiful birds in Uganda and it can only be seen in Kidepo valley National Park as earlier said. Ostriches are unique birds in a way that they cannot fly but move on land as fast as possible. It is recorded that ostriches can run as a fast as 70 kilometers per hour in case they are being chased by an enemy or being frightened in one way or the other. Ostriches are characterized by long neck, small heads, and huge long legs with 2 pointed figures. Worldwide, there are different species of ostriches   but Africa has got only one species which is are divided into two categories known as the nominate and the massaicas.

Still , the female and male ostriches a have height of 2.5 meters on average with male characterized by brown eyes , tail, pink neck,  white  feather’s on black body,  white wings and legs. Whereas the female ostrich is always brown, with brown and pinkish legs, while the young ostriches have got black heads, stripped buffs, necks and a chick is considered as an adult ostrich when it clocks three to four years. Wings are an important feature on the ostrich, they are used for direction changing during running instated of flying like in other birds, wings still are used for mating, shading the young ostriches and they can go and spread up to two meters.

Visitors Kidepo Valley National Park will also learn to understand that Ostriches belong to the category of animals referred to as omnivores feeding and surviving on plant and animal living. Things like seeds, flowers, locusts, fruits and pebbles can be eaten by ostriches. Like any other creatures, ostriches can defend themselves from any attack and safeguard themselves even against the toughest predators like lions, even human beings by kicking them and in extreme cases ostriches can as well kill.

Usually ostriches lay in the dry season  and can lay 15 eggs per month. The eggs of the ostriches are the biggest of all birds with an average diameter of 15 centimeters and can weigh more than 28 normal eggs of others birds. It is the responsibility of the male eggs to dig a hole of about 1 meter wide and cover its body use sand to prepare the ground where the   eggs are laid. The science here is that sand keep and increase the warmth necessary for eggs to hatch and importantly all the female ostriches lay eggs in the same hole which are incubated by a male and female ostrich during day and tight time respectively.

The incubation period lasts between 35 to forty five days and it upon incumbent the male ostrich to teach, defend chicks during their process of growing. The chick starts feeding on sand after 6 days and before that, it’s the York in their body that they depend on.

The beautiful mature ostrich bird becomes complete mature at three to four years. Ostriches can boo or roar and the male ostrich roar can be mistaken to be that of a lion. Come and enjoy the best safaris where you will spot ostriches only in Kidepeo Valley National Park. Its only African adventure vacations that will lead you to this wonderful experience.

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