Nature Walk Safaris in Kidepo

The nature walk safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park costs Ugandan shillings 10000 for East African residents, 30USD for Non-Foreign Residents, and USD15 for Foreign Residents

Nature Walk Safaris and Trips in Kidepo valley National park

Nature Walk Safaris in Kidepo National Park: Kidepo National park is one of the top tourism destinations in Uganda with stunning attractions. The marvelous attraction coupled with beautiful landscape scenery is nice liking and enchanting. As you arrive in Kidepo. The sceneries spread beyond your eye imagination just to touch the sky. Most of the travelers feel fine to traverse and undiscovered the hidden treasures of Kidepo Valley National Park from valley grassland to raised plateaus and mountains. Nature walks within the wildness will enable you to see amazing wild animals closer to you as you enrich yourself with wildlife experience.

The experiential nature walk safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park commences early in the morning at 7 with a briefing by your ranger guide at the Apoka tourism office. The presence of the ranger guide is not only to provide you with security but shares with memorable wildlife experience in Kidepo national park which helps you the visitor to gain confidence and feel comfortable while in the wild. The ranger guides know the park well and will lead you where you can get enough experience.

Natural walk trails leading to Narus valley are the most common to visitors because it is as short as five kilometers consisting of magnificent scenarios, virgin bliss, and a huge population of wildlife animals that are always converging within the valley for water. Visitors walking via Narus valley will get an opportunity to encounter different animals such as buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, cheetahs, lions, and leopards plus a collection of different magnificent bird species. Visitors to Narus valley national park will also explore the Morungole mountain ranges through nature walks.

Namamukwey valley is also an amazing feature to discover by visitors while on nature walk safaris. Most of the visitors sometimes find their safari cars limited and decide to leave them aside and walk deep on the sand spots in the Kidepo valley to explore more about the wildness. This is where visitors will explore the natural habitat of the rare bird known as the ostrich. Ostriches inhabit desert palms which are commonly sighted in the Kidepo Valley.

The time spent on nature walk safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park depends on the climatic and weather conditions of the day, the interesting sights of the wildness, and how best the visits can match the speed of the guide. In other words, the duration also depends on the physical fitness of the trekkers or visitors. You can opt for half-day walks which start in the morning at 7 and immediately the sunshine becomes much it comes to last. This is because when the sun hits hard the animals go into hiding.

Visitors for nature walk safaris will need to carry dressing attire which includes hiking shoes with long stockings, safari shorts, sunglasses, insect repellant, safari hut or cap, binoculars, drinking water, snacks, birding guiding book, camera, and rain gears in case it rains. The nature walk safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park costs Ugandan shillings 10000 for East African residents, 30USD for Non-Foreign Residents, and USD15 for Foreign Residents.

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