Wasa River

On your trip to Semuliki national park do not miss out to visit the Wasa River

Wasa River In Semuliki National Park.

Wasa River in Semuliki is an attractive river with beautiful views and it is a famous destination for amazing nature adventures and these include nature walks, topography experiences, and many more. Take the most fascinating life on Wasa River, on your trip to river Wasa, you can go to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  You can also participate in fishing with the local fishermen and see how they catch fish, or if you’re interested in swimming barely explain the feeling.

Many bird species of different shapes and colors that one can see while at Wasa River. These include; crowned cranes, Coqui Francolin, Rufous-bellied heron, Emerald spotted wood, bare-faced go-away birds, White-headed Barbet, Ross turaco,  Yellow-billed plus the Red-billed are distinct here.

Uganda is blessed with many Rivers and river Wasa is among them, visiting River Wasa is the most amazing experience with beautiful views, atmosphere, nature, the water, the sound, the birds plus other features you would like to record in your diary while here.

The Wasa River is surrounded by four different ethnic groups such as the Bakonjo cultivate on the mountain slopes, Bwamba people who are economically farmers at the base of the Rwenzori Mountain whereas the Batu people are known as the cattle keepers in the habitat of open plains and Batwa pygmies are traditionally hunter-gathers and live on the edges of the forest.

 River Wasa is found in the Ntoroko district nearby in Bundibugyo region. You will pass through the vegetation cover is where the trail leads to Wasa River, the river has many different attractions, and it is home to birdlife species, butterflies, and many others. As you approach Wasa river, you will hear the sound of running water welcoming you to this Mother Nature geographical formation,  the running water will make you wonder where the water coming from and going.

On your trip to Semuliki national park do not miss out to visit the Wasa River, this river found in a center of many tourist attractions where you can go after here and these includes;

Semuliki National Park, you can go to Semuliki national park and Visit Sempaya hot springs is the major tourist attraction in the park which attracts most of the tourists to visit this virgin national park. These hot springs have a unique outlook that puts smiles on visitor’s faces leaving them with a memorable experience and they have a great cultural background attached to them.

Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve, there are many tourist activities you can do forex ample Nature walks which allows you to explore more about the place and see different primate species, wildlife animals, butterflies, plant as well as a lot of bird species, sport fishing with an amazing experience, you can do community walks with the most welcoming people known as Batwa people and their lifestyle and tradition and among others.

Visit The Semuliki River which has helped in the development of tourism in the Semuliki national park and this has led to the growth of tropical trees which is home to about 441 bird species, 63 mammals within the park-like the elephants, hippopotami, buffalo, duikers, and pygmy flying squirrels.

Lake Albert offers a boat ride where you will get an opportunity to see the unique shoebill stork, these birds like so much to stay around the swampy areas. The boat ride on Lake Albert in Semuliki also gives you a chance to see various bird species that come from the Congolese rainforest. In the park, there are migratory birds during the wet months from March-May, you will also view the acacia savannah, borassus palm, and a lot of wildlife like forest elephants.

Kibale Forest National Park, the best place for unique chimpanzee tracking with over 1500 chimps, and many other attractions near the Wasa River.

Best Time to Visit Wasa River In Semuliki National Park.

The best time to visit Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve is in the dry seasons that are between from December-February and June-July because during this period the vegetation being less thick, trials are less slippery and wet hence making the trip excellent and visitors experience well-undertaking activities with no disturbance from rainfall. As there is little or no rainfall in the place, this has favored tourist attractions in the park to take places such as Sempaya hot springs, hiking and nature walks, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, and others.

Tourists are not advised to visit Semuliki national park in the wet season that is March, April, May, October, and November when the vegetation is thicker and all hiking trails tend to be slippery and wet and these making activities difficult. though during the wet season, the chimpanzee tracking and other primates easier to see since food can be easily accessible and the primates no longer moving long distances, but the best recommended time for visitors who are planning to visit Semuliki national park is much ideal in the dry season.

But note that, African weather is unpredictable so we expecting rainfall at any time through the year and also in the dry season it can rain, therefore you are advised to be well prepared for every tourism safari into the park to avoid inconveniences by carrying long-sleeved clothes, waterproof rain jacket, hat, packed lunch, sunglasses, energy drinks, hand gloves and so on.

Therefore, when you’re visiting Semuliki national park does not depend on the weather but depend on what favors your interests as a visitor, this can be more prepared with a trusted tour operator company like Africa Adventure Vacations.

Western Uganda is blessed with many other tourist attractions such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorilla trekking and bird watching, Queen Elizabeth national park for wild viewing, Mgahinga gorilla national park for tracking the rare golden monkey. Or visit the majestic Rwenzori Mountains for the most trending hiking experience in Africa, and many other national park.

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