Visit Boma Cultural Village

Get a chance to meet the most welcoming people and interact with the local members.

Visit Boma Cultural Village In Semuliki National Park

On your trip to Semuliki national park do not miss out to visit Boma cultural village one of the most memorable culture village safari destinations in Uganda.  Besides visiting Bamaga people, you can also visit Boma culture village with the most amazing rewarding experience to encounter on your culture trip in Uganda. Visiting Boma cultural village in Semuliki national park gives you a big chance to meet the most welcoming people and interact with the local members. Interacting with Boma people will also help you to explore more about the incredible traditional norms and cultures. Boma people are hunters and gatherers in the Semuliki and they depend on the Semuliki forest for shelter, medicine, food, and tools. Due to increased interaction and intermarriages with other tribes, this has led to the changing of the Boma lifestyle.

Interaction with other different local people and practicing intermarriages has led to transforming their lifestyle completely. Boma cultural village was created for the Batwa people to present their enriched cultural history through several performances such as dance, music,  and drama which connecting their lives back to the days when they settled in the forest.  Due to the development of tourism which is now a source of income for Boma people and this helped them to bring back and display their endowed cultural history through traditional dances and music mostly at Ntandi.  Apart from that, they make handcraft products that they sell to guests so if you’re interested you can also take one as a remembrance.  The Boma cultural village was built to help the Batwa in their traditional cultural demonstration. Therefore, on your cultural trip to Boma Village, you will get a chance to learn the ancient ways of hunting, work, live, or do village walks.

Boma people are the most welcoming and friendly people and once you visit the Boma cultural village, you will enjoy their friendly memorable experience and also do an amazing activity of visiting Sempaya hot springs. Some other activities are hunting skills, honey gathering harvesting skills, demonstrating how to make handcraft, visiting the natural pharmacy, walking to the sacred Ngarama cave.

When you visit Semuliki national park, do not miss out on exploring the Boma cultural experience and be fascinated with a lot of amazing things about the Boma individuals. During your safari and participant in the village walk, you will go through their grass-thatched huts and they will tell you how they manage to construct their huts, also tell you about their traditional herbs which they use to treat the sick.  They will teach you how they gather honey and you can light a fire using friction and a stick and also guide you on this trip.

The visit you make to the Boma cultural village is very important because it supports them to improve their standards of living due to the funds collected from you.

Semuliki national park is the newest and among the smallest national parks in Uganda. But it gives you a lot of amazing tourist attractions with a memorable rewarding experience. It is not only known for its rare wildlife but also the most wonderful and authentic cultural experience. Semuliki national park is also the best place for game drives, bird watching, nature walks, and the most powerful Sempaya hot spring, and many more.

How to reach Semuliki national park for a visit to Boma?

Semuliki national park is located in southwestern Uganda in Bundibugyo district, it can be accessed by road on 2 routes, especially if you’re coming from Kampala city, and 4WD vehicles are best for both routes.

Route 1:  Kampala-Fort Portal via Mubende is the shortest route than route 2 which covering over 180kilomaters and takes about 4-5 hours drive.

Route 2: you may use Kampala-Masaka via Mbarara and Kasese. It takes 465 kilometers and 7-8 hours.  The route is longer but it gives you a chance to visit other places along the way like Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and others.

After visiting Boma cultural village in Semuliki national park, visit other national parks such as Bwindi forest national park for gorilla trekking experiences, Mgahinga gorilla national park which inhabits the Batwa people, or visit Kidepo valley national park and meet the Karamojong culture and among others.

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