Butterfly Species In Semuliki Nationa park.

Butterflies are among the most beautiful and attractive insect species

Butterfly Species In Semuliki National park.

Butterfly species in semuliki national park– The park hosts over 46 species of forest swallowtails and charaxes which makes a total of 75% of Ugandan species and over 235 species of moth are recorded in the park.  The biggest number of butterfly species is attributed not only to the location of the forest but even to the different habitats, extensive woodland, bushland, forest swamp grassland. The amazing hot springs are believed to support the presence of butterfly species in Semuliki National Park.

Butterflies are among the most beautiful and attractive insect species that one should not miss out on while on any safari tourist activity in Semuliki national park. These creatures come in wonderful colors and it is easy to identify. Truly Uganda is the pearl of Africa!  Kibale Forest National Park is also the best place for butterfly watching in Uganda.

Most of the butterfly species are commonly seen in nature and forest walks. Over 33% of Uganda is made of Afro tropical species which contains 46 butterfly species without the subspecies which makes a total number of 700. Four different butterfly families that have been recorded in Semuliki National Park include the pieridae, papilionidae, hesperiidae, nymphalidae and lycaenidae species.

Semuliki National Park has over 35 endemic butterfly species and among them, no one comes from Lycaenidae family and endemic species in the park make a total number of 80%. The famous species in the park includes the Graphium antheus, Papilio nireus Linnaeus, Papilio antimachus parva Jackson, Papilio nireus pseudo nireus felder, felder and Papilio zalmoxis hewitson, and many more. Some of the biggest butterfly species are huger than the smallest birds whereas the smallest butterfly species are not larger than the fingernail. They have an attractive color and are associated with crops and plants at all stages of their life cycle.  These creatures have an average life span like any other species on earth which ranges from 20 to 40 days. Some of them can go up to 9 months. They also lay eggs like other insects. It takes 4 stages starting with eggs, larva, pupa, and then adult. The lava butterfly is known as a caterpillar.

Butterflies can see only the yellow, red and green color since they come in dark color given that helps them to absorb heat from the surrounding area, these stunning creatures do not have chewing mouthparts, but they have proboscis that helps them sip nectar. They use antennae to smell and using their feet to tests and in the entire world, few species can orient themselves both in latitude and longitude. Males use pheromone chemicals from their abdomen to attract the females.

Butterfly species is one of the park’s natural treasures in Semuliki national park. With a lot of these beautiful creatures, while on your butterfly watching safari to Semuliki national park, you will enjoy an amazing experience with these brightly colored species on earth. This virgin national park is one of the best places in Uganda where you will see the largest number of butterflies and they are not yet explored by most of the tourists on safari in Africa. While Sempaya hot spring is the most attractive thing in Semuliki forest but you can also spare some time and do butterfly watching, where you get to know more about these species.

Semuliki national park is blessed with many tourist attractions one can do after butterfly watching and these include; visiting Sempaya hot springs, amazing nature walks which allow seeing a lot of primate species like red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, and olive baboons, and so on. You can also do bird watching since the park hosts over 441 bird species and many other attractions.

Extend your visit to Semuliki national park with a gorilla trek tour in Bwindi impenetrable forests national park and get a chance to see the most desired primates in Africa. Or visit the majestic Rwenzori Mountains and enjoy one of the most trending hiking experiences in East Africa and among other national parks.

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