Semuliki River

The Semuliki River also passes through another road connecting the DR. Congo

Visit Semuliki River

Semuliki River is located in the western Uganda of Bundibugyo district in Semuliki national park and it is a part of Itura forest of DR. Congo. On Your trip to Semuliki national park spare some time and visit this amazing river with a memorable experience.

Semuliki River is positioned in-between the border of Uganda and DR.Congo in Central and East Africa and this is because there is the tropical rainforest and the Congo basins. Semuliki River has stretched almost 1 kilometer in Uganda and this has resulted due to soil erosion and flooding in the place as it is a basin.

Semuliki River comes from Lake Edward which is located in the Kasese district in the Western parts of Uganda and it begins in the northern end of Lake Edward near Ishango of DR. Congo, due to over much flows of its upper course, the River is about to enter Virunga National park. Lake Edward is situated in Queen Elizabeth national park on the border of Uganda and DR. Congo. The Semuliki River runs northwards and empties in the Lake Albert which is found in the parts of Murchison falls national park in Hoima district of western Uganda at 1.2225°N 30.5038889°E. The Semuliki River expands for about 230kilometers near the Rwenzori Mountain on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo from Lake Edward to Lake Albert. The altitudinal range of the river is from an altitude of 600meters above sea level in the Semuliki flats to an altitude of 5,110meters at the Rwenzori peak. The wide range creates a high level of species variety and endemism.

Semuliki River forms part of the international border between the western sides of Uganda in Bundibugyo district near Semuliki national park and DR. Congo and it drains into Lake Albert slightly west on the border of DR. Congo.

The A-109 road of Mpondwe in Uganda and Beni of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the right-hand side, along the river, meanders through the park. Slightly southeast of Beni, the Semuliki River goes through the A-109 road up to the north and the stream is in the west of Mount Baker of Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda.

The Semuliki River also passes through another road connecting the DR. Congo settlement of Oicha to settlements in the Semliki Valley west on the border of Uganda town of Bundibugyo and the DR. Cong the river runs near the west edge of Semuliki National Park which is in Uganda and leaves the Virunga National Park. Hence the Semuliki River comes to be the border between Uganda and the DRC, and also the border for many of the river’s course. The river is also nearing Sempaya National Park and the Toro Game Reserve in Uganda. The river runs to the west of the international border and goes through the southern end of Lake Albert and southeast of Bunia in DR. Congo.

The River is occupied by 6 ethnic groups such as the Bakonjo and the Bamba found in the valleys and the slopes of Rwenzori mountains and they depend on rain-fed crops, the Batuku in the rift valley floor, these they depend on cattle products, and the Batwa who rely who on fishing, hunting, and gathering but currently they shifted at Ntandi park headquarters.

The Semuliki River has contributed to the conservation and also help in the development of tourism in the Semuliki national park which has led to the growth of tropical trees which is home to about 441 bird species, 63 mammals within the park-like the duikers, elephants, hippopotami, buffalo, and pygmy flying squirrels.

But, the catchment faces a lot of problems because of poor governance of natural resources and increasing population. These major threats include; poor land management practices, weak institutional capacities on catchment and water resources management, deteriorating quality and quantity of the river waters, and deforestation.

After visiting Semuliki River of Semuliki national park, there are also other safari destinations in the western region with amazing experiences such as queen Elizabeth national park which is the best place for wildlife viewing, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorilla trekking, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee tracking and many other national parks.

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