Nkusi Water Falls

Nkusi falls is among the hidden tourist attractions in western Uganda

Nkusi Falls In Hoima

Nkusi falls is found in Hoima district in Bugoma forest which covering over 248 kilometers and takes about a 4-hour drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. when you visit Semuliki national park, get the time and visit these romantic falls with an amazing experience, the beautiful views, the water, nature, the Lake, the rock, the sound and among other features you should not miss out on your vacation in western parts of Uganda.

Nkusi falls is among the hidden tourist attractions in western Uganda as it is found in the deeply isolated district of Bugoma forest. The falls can only be accessed by a boat from Ntoroko by sailing on Lake Albert. But, it has several activities such as swimming, bird watching, sunbathing, and amazing views that you will never forget in your lifetime.

If you are planning to visit these water falls, the natural waters of the Nkusi Falls will leave you awestruck. The flowing falls give off a unique flow of the falls and these can be seen only when you got a boat from Ntoroko near Semuliki since they are hidden in nature. You will enjoy the peaceful surrounding nature, sport fishing, bird watching, boat riding, and others.

Nkusi waterfalls flow into Lake Albert, one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes which are found in western Uganda on the border of Uganda and Congo. Lake Albert was formed because of the cracking of the earth’s crust and the ancient earth movements. This is an amazing geological spectacle and when you visit this place, you may think that the waters are green because the vegetation from the rift wall is reflected in the waters.  Erosion has made the rift wall to give it an extended pictorial representation. The most trending tourist activities here are boat trips, fishing, swimming, salt mining, and bird watching.

Even if Nkusi falls are not as energetic much like Murchison Falls, but will you awestruck as you imagine the power of the Nkusi falls?

After visiting Nkusi falls in Semuliki national park, you can also participate in other activities within the park-like;

Visit Hot springs in semuliki national park

Hot spring is the most trending activity done in Semuliki National park. Visitors in Semuliki used to boil their materials like eggs, cassava, and banana in the bubbling waters. From here, you can also see the primates like blue monkeys.

Game drives in semuliki National Park.

The park has morning, afternoon, and night game drives, and this allows you to see wildlife animals such as Savannah elephants, Uganda kob, waterbuck, buffaloes, you may also view nocturnal wildlife like white-tailed mongoose and many more. Game drives are usually done in the tracks across the savannah and grassland of Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve.

Birding in semuliki national park.

Bird lovers, Semuliki National park is also the best place for you as it is among the best top birding safari destinations in Uganda. Ntandi and Sempaya are the best birding areas in Semuliki national park, where you will see birds like  White-crested Hornbill, Great blue and Ross’s Turacos, Piping Hornbill plus the rare shoebill and it is seen around Kirumia River and many other birds on river Mugiri

You can be among those to witness the magical experience in the western parts of Uganda when visiting other destinations in Uganda such as Kibale Forest National Park best for Uganda Chimpanzee Safari, Murchison Falls National Park for big 5 wild animals, Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park which is a home of the few remaining mountain gorillas and gets an opportunity to explore them. Or visit Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing and many other tourist destinations.

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