How to get to Nkotsi village for a tour

Nkotsi village is situated with in the northern province of Rwanda

Visit Nkotsi Village In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

A visit and a tour to Nkotsi village introduces you to the traditional lifestyle of Rwandans and beyond modernity that makes your safari memorable while in volcanoes national park located in Rwanda.

Nkotsi village is located in the south western of Musanze districts in the northern part of Rwanda. The village is sometimes called Muko village and is popular for being a home of the famous red rocks camping site and hostel. The village is responsible for hosting interesting cultural activities through Amahoro tours and the hands of the hope organization.

A visit to Nkotsi village gives you entertainment in different types of traditional dances performed by local members among which include Intore dance and Ibyivugo using local and traditional instruments, such as Ikembe, Umuduri, Inanga, Agakenke, Amarinder among others. The visit allows you to take part in different activities in order to get the real touch of Rwanda.

Tourists too Nkotsi village get to witness cultivation of crops, grinding of millet using local grinding stones, and preparation of traditional dishes such as Ubugari and Ikoma with the help of local women, will absolutely give you a sense of belonging into the rural community.

There is also a village walk which takes you through a number of homesteads where you get to learn how food is prepared and even taste some of the delicious foods. During this village walk, you get to learn the touching story of the history of Nkosi village that won’t leave you the same. And among other interesting things that can make your walk unforgettable.

Learning traditional medicine preparation gives high attention to guests where you get to learn and know about a number of different traditional medicines and the way they are prepared. Traditionally, Rwandans use more of traditional medicine and even with emergencies of local medicine, the local people of Nkotsi village still use herbal medicine to treat diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and many others.

Basket weaving is also another activity that you can take part into while at your visit too Nkotsi village, this takes you through the whole process of weaving baskets with hands and papyrus reeds as its raw material. After baskets are made, they are sold to tourists and other potential buyers and the money got is used to earn a living.

There is also participation in local beer brewing and this is quite an amazing experience where you get top learn how local beer is made from bananas and you can even taste it.

Bee keeping demonstration is also another interesting activity that you can take part in while visiting Nkotsi village. This activity gives you a chance to see how bees are kept locally and how harvesting is done. You will also get an opportunity to taste and purchase local organic honey. Drumming lessons is among the entertaining activities that you can take part in while at Nkotsi village, it allows tourists to learn how to beat traditional drums of Rwanda.

Participating in the above activities is one way local people get income which helps them earn a living.

How to get to Nkotsi village for a tour

Nkotsi village is situated with in the northern province of Rwanda about 7 km south west of Musanze town and approximately 75 km from the capital city Kigali. You can use both private and public means of transport from Kigali to Musanze town where you will then proceed to Nkotsi village.

For anyone planning to do visit Africa for a local community experience, Nkotsi village is the best village to visit while on your tour in Rwanda. Tourists can combine visiting Nkotsi village with a a hike to bisoke and visit to Akagera national park to see animals such as lions, buffalo, elephant, zebras, leopard, warthog, rhino, giraffe and a number of African birds.

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