Visoke Crater Lake hike

Hiking mountain Bisoke to the top takes you about 4 hours and two hours to climb down the mountain.

Bisoke Crater Lake Hike

Bisoke Crater Lake hike is the most exciting adventure worth taking part while on your tour in Rwanda. Bisoke volcano is also known as Visoke is current a dormant volcano and part of the Virunga mountain ranges in volcanoes national park alongside mountain Karisimbi, mountain Gahinga, mountain Muhabura and mountain Sabyinyo. Mountain Bisoke has an elevation of 3,711 meters and is found at the borders of Rwanda and DR Congo. Bisoke is a Swahili word to mean soaked with water denoting to the two scenic crater lakes that are on this volcano. One of the Bisoke’s scenic crater lakes is found at the summit and has a diameter of 400m and a depth of 100m. The second scenic crater lakes is located at the sides of Bisoke giving you stunning views of the beautiful mountain Sabyinyo slopes.

Bisoke carter lake hike takes you through the different vegetation zones ranging from hagenia forest to alpine vegetation. Besides that there are many wildlife species that live around this volcano and among these include the forest elephants, golden monkeys, buffaloes, mountain gorillas and many different bird species.

Bisoke crater lake hike is very adventurous and it’s not only done by athletes but also inexperienced hikers. Hiking mountain Bisoke to the top takes you about 4 hours and two hours to climb down the mountain. Hikers to Bisoke Crater Lake are led by park ranger guide after the briefing at 7:00 am at Kinigi park headquarters of volcanoes national park. At 8:00am the ranger guide leads them and they start the actual hike. Hiking mountain Bisoke gives you a chance to see the scenic crater lakes, forest and alpine vegetation as well as different animals such as mountain gorillas, buffaloes, golden monkeys, forest elephants and a number of different bird species among others. Photographing mountain gorillas or golden monkeys is not allowed and only reserved for travelers with gorilla trekking permits. A single gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda is $1500. In Uganda, crater lakes are found in Kibale forest national park located in fort portal, these are Lake Mutuisi and Mwitampungu Crater Lake.

At Kinigi park headquarters of volcanoes national park, you will be required to present your hiking permit, valid passport and other necessary travel documents. From the park headquarters, you will be given a park ranger guide and getting to the starting point of the hiking at the bottom of the mountain might take you about 40 minutes. You are advised to come with a walking stick or buy one at the starting point for $5, packed lunch, energy giving snacks, water or hire a porter in case of heavy luggage. A porter at mountain Bisoke is hired at $10.

Packing for Bisoke Crater Lake hike.

You need a long trouser, long sleeved shirt, sweater, hat, head gear, waterproof bag, water proof hiking boots, hand gloves, energy giving snacks and enough drinking water.

Best time to hike Bisoke Crater Lake

The best time to hike mountain Bisoke Crater Lake is during the dry season when the terrains are dry. The dry season happens in the months of June to September and again in December to February.

Where to stay in Volcanoes National Park ahead of Bisoke Crater Lake hike.

There are a number of accommodation options for tourist overnight stay in volcanoes national park Rwanda. These accommodations range from budget, mid-range to luxury and these include the new Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Bisate Lodge and One and Only Gorillas Nest Lodge and these are luxury, Da Vinci Lodge (mid – range) and the budget ones include Kinigi Guest House and Muhabura Hotel.

Accessing Bisoke Crater Lake

Bisoke Crater Lake is located within volcanoes national park in north western part of Rwanda which is a 2 – 3 hours’ drive from Kigali city.

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