How to book a luxury gorilla trekking safari in any destination?

You must use the service of a tour and travel company to ensure that your services that include transportation, accommodation and gorilla trekking permits

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safaris In Rwanda

Luxury gorilla trekking safaris- Rwanda is known as an excellent destination for gorilla trekking safaris by evaluating the precious standards and setting all the requirements in Rwanda that Congo and Uganda have not yet met. Rwanda saw an increase of gorilla trekking permit in 2017 to united stated dollars 1500 per trek per person, but since then the number of travelers that have flocked the country for luxury gorilla trekking safaris despite the increase in gorilla permit has proved that Rwanda is one of the best destinations for gorilla trekking safaris. On the other hand, Rwanda and Uganda also have got competitive markets for gorilla trekking safaris and their prices are still low for gorilla trekking permits at 700 united states dollars and 400 united stated dollars per trek per person in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively. The hiking of prices of gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda has made Rwanda to be considered a destination for luxury gorilla tracking safaris in East Africa.

The Rwanda Development Board has put in place all measures to ensure that an increase in gorilla trekking permits goes hand in hand with the experiences that the visitors get at the destination in terms of uniqueness and quality services such as transportation, accommodation, guiding services, and environmental qualities.

Rwanda has got only 4 national parks where visitors can go and do several tourism activities. However, the most sounding park that more important than the others is volcanoes national park that is famous for gorilla tracking. The park has got well-habituated gorilla families that are open for gorilla trekking. Volcanoes national park can be accessed just three hours away from Rwanda’s capital city Kigali.

Why is Rwanda considered a luxury gorilla trekking safari country?

The transportation to Rwanda for gorilla tracking: One who decides to use the scheduled or chartered flight within Rwanda will be able to easiest get into volcanoes national park for gorilla tracking luxuriously and comfortably. From Kigali international airport, there are always flights operating only daily basis to and from Uganda and this means that you can have that option daily. Rwanda as well operates direct flights from and to different countries of the world. Akagera Aviation provides chartered flights to take you to any destination of the country where you want to be. For those using the road, 4×4 land cruiser cars are available for luxury gorilla trips providing quality services such as Air conditioner, inbuilt fridge  with poop up roof comfortable game viewing, and photography

The high price of the Gorilla permit:

Another factor that makes gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda so luxurious is the high cost of a gorilla trekking permit. In all the three countries with mountain gorillas, Rwanda has got the most expensive gorilla trekking permit costs as compared to congo and Uganda. The cost of a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda is $1500.00  and this means that only luxurious travelers can afford the gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda are got from Rwanda Development Board. And sometimes the permits tend to sell out especially in the dry season and this means that you should book your luxury gorilla trekking permit in advance for your better trip. We can help with all the booking procedures once you contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations.

Accommodation facilities at volcanoes Park:

Rwanda invested heavily in high-end luxury lodges near the volcanoes national park and they are expensive in all the regions in East Africa. However, some services are also superb with a distinguished star of art quality services and facilities. The high level of lode construction clearly shows the good preparation for the luxury gorilla tracking safari experience. Ones of the best luxury lodge for luxury gorilla trekking safaris include

Bisate lodge at volcanoes national park: Bisate Lodge is one of the luxurious lodges that is situated in the volcanoes national park and it offers a fantastic accommodation facility and has been built with the latest design such that the visitors staying at the lodge can enjoy the best/value for their money. High-profile visitors and high-end services are expected at the lodge. The lodge provides nice-looking views of Karisimbi and Bisoke and sometimes of lucky days some of the gorilla family visits the lodge. These include the local people in its plans and give back to the in-form of employment opportunities and source of the market to the local community.

Virunga Lodge at Volcanoes National Park: This is one of the luxurious lodges and the best in Africa in terms of providing quality accommodation facilities. Well built on the lodge with the magnificent views of Virunga National park. the services provided at this lodge are directly propositional to prices charged and thus make it good for you to stay during your luxurious gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda. Considering the food, the customer care, and the ambiance of the place, Virunga Lodge should be the lodge that you should first think of when you are planning your luxury gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge: Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is one of the lodges which was first owned by the community around Volcanoes National Park.  Sabyinyo Lodge is run and governed by Governors’ Camp Collection but Sabyinyo Community has the lodge ownership. The community uses the lodge to earn a living which helps them to improve their social-economic status. The lodge is very close to the Volcanoes National Park and even visitors can walk from the lodge to the volcanoes National Park headquarters.

Other places in the world Where to do a luxury gorilla safari trip.

Yes, as we have seen Rwanda is one of the best destinations for luxury gorilla trekking safaris however this is not the only country where you can go and do luxury gorilla trekking safaris. There are other countries where this can also be done and these include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda and Congo provide the best alternatives for luxury gorilla trekking safaris though the prices of the permits are low in Uganda and Congo, the services enjoyed are the same, or others with better quality. It is possible that you can do gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda on one safari and in both countries, domestic flights operating chartered and scheduled flights are available to connect you to the park.

In Uganda, you can land at Kisoro/Kihihi airstrip and then connect to either Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park. still, it is only in Uganda where you can go for the gorilla habituation process which is not in Rwanda or the Democratic republic of Congo. Gorilla habituation will enable to have 4 hours of interaction with gorillas as compared to one hour allocated for gorilla trekking. Visitors can stay at various accommodation facilities including Four gorilla lodge, clouds mountains lodge, Bwindi Gorilla lodge among others. For those interested in doing gorilla trekking in the democratic republic of Congo, you will need only USD450.00 for the gorilla trekking permits.

How to book a luxury gorilla trekking safari in any destination?

You must use the service of a tour and travel company to ensure that your services that include transportation, accommodation, gorilla trekking permits, or gorilla habituation permits are booked in advance and on time to avoid you missing any activity. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the best safari companies that provide all the tours and travel services to both international and local visitors. We are reliable and offer you services promptly the way you need them.

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