Cultural Tours To Ibyiwacu Cultural Village

You will be able to take a look or participate in different traditional dances that will be formed by the local group to entertain you

Cultural Tours To Ibyiwacu Cultural Village

Ibyiwacu cultural village is a community nonprofit organization located in Kinigi in Musanze district, Ruhengeri adjacent Volcanoes National park. This cultural village was established in 2004 to improve the livelihood of the local communities around the park to stop the illegal poaching by locals in volcanoes National park.

Ibyiwacu cultural village or center helps the local communities around Rwanda’s national park by sensitizing the local people on income-generating projects, the importance of community conservation as well as supporting local community small enterprises.

For travelers interested in cultural tours in Rwanda, Ibyiwacu cultural village provides the intuitions for the traditional Rwanda cultural styles that have lived many years ago. You will encounter the local people of Rwanda with their traditional way of life in their environments. There are local people here who are involved in making the local brew from bananas and you can be taught how it’s made right from preparation up to finished and packed products. There is no problem you can ask for a glass to taste on this locally made brew known as Urwagwa.

At the Ibyiwacu cultural village, you will meet and tour the king’s palace or home or house replica and with the aid of experienced guides, be ready to listen to different interesting stories about the meaning of paintings and symbols mounted on the palace. A group of local people still will be available here to perform your traditional dances and ceremonies similar to those they performed at king’s weddings.

A guided tour to Ibyiwacu cultural village will cost you 35 united states dollars will all activities such as walking around to visit different categories of people such as elderly, children, women, and men. In case you want to stay there or having an overnight there you will be charged 75 United States dollars with breakfast lunch and dinner inclusive. The scheduled community activities to engage in will depend on your interests as a visitor.

You will be able to take a look or participate in different traditional dances that will be formed by the local group to entertain you. Traditional dances and instruments are used while performing their traditional songs. You will be interested in the amazing young people and old women and men performing their traditional dance.

The cultural tours in Ibyiwacu cultural village will lead you to prominent traditional healers who used herbal medicines from tree leaves and other herbs to treat people of different diseases.  There is a handicraft shop where you can stop and buy all locally made crafts which are produced from wooded boxes, gorillas, and others. Stop and have yourself a souvenir at an affordable cost.

Continue waking around Ibyiwacu cultural village where you will spot a lot of activities and events more than you anticipated in this placid village, here come the clear views of the volcanoes National park where gorillas have trekked in Rwanda.

It is important to note that you cannot learn the culture of people unless you mingle with them and involve in all the activities they do. Ibyiwacu cultural village is the best place where you will learn all the traditional culture of Rwanda and how people used to do long ago and the activities and instruments they used to support their lives don’t miss out on this experience.

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