The Big Five Animals in Rwanda

Visitors to Akagera national park can see these big five animals; elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, lions, and leopards through game drives

The Big Five Animals in Rwanda

Rwanda as the tourism destination is the home to the big five animals which can only be spotted in Akagera National park located in the Kibungu district on the North-Eastern side of Rwanda. Akagera is the only park out of the four national parks that in Rwanda that anchorages big 5 animals which are identified as buffaloes, elephants, lions leopards, and Rhinoceros.

The Republic of Rwanda is a unique country with several national parks and game reserves which prove very many tourism activities to travelers. The availability of different and many hills has made Rwanda to be dubbed as the country with a thousand hills. These hills are so fabulous and provide magnificent views to the travelers right from the center of Kigali city to any further side end of the country.

Originally, there was no existence of the big 5 in Akagera National park because of the presence 1994 genocide that happened for long. During this time around 1990 to 1994, very many animal species in the park were killed and the park was used as battlefield which lefts very many wildlife dead and some of the animals went into extinction.

After peace was restored, the government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board in collaboration with other -profit organizations made arrangements to restore the previously extinct animals and make the Akagera national park flourish again. Strategies were made successfully and of today the park is one of the best destinations in Africa with several tourist activities that attract tourists to the park including the big 5.

How rhinoceros were introduced. As the mover to develop tourism in Rwanda, rhinoceros were airlifted from the Czech Republic and translocated to Akagera National park. Only five rhinos were first trans-located. These rhinos are thought to be the descendant of those captured in Africa and taken to European zoos in the early days. This was evidenced by their ability to settle quickly in an environment. This translocation happened the last year 2019 but now tourists can visit these animals in Akagera but they cannot notice that they have just been introduced into the park.

The introduction of Rhinos in Akagera National park has increased visitor numbers and the value for tourism and wildlife in the park. The translocation of Eastern rhinos from Europe followed the reintroduction of black rhinos that were earlier got from South Africa. Rwanda Development Board reintroduced rhinos from South Africa and this increased the numbers in the park as never before. Thus travelers can now visit Akagera national park while guaranteed the presence of rhinos whom they can spot while on a game drive.

Re-introduction of Lions in Akagera National park: Late1980s there were over 350 lions in Akagera National park which was the highest number as compared to other African countries. However, this number reduced after part of the park was given back to refugees who were returning home after the genocide war of 1994. As a result, these people had cattle and started grazing animals. This attracted lions to feed on their animals and local people reiterated by poisoning them and around 2003, there was no single lion left in Akagera National park due to human settlement and activities.

After lions were extinct, the Rwanda government via Rwanda Tourism Board in collaboration with South African nonprofit organization, decided to make Akagera national park great again and they introduced 7 lions from South Africa in 2015 of which 5 were females and 2 were Males. These adapted easily and with strict measures put in a place, none of these lions was lost. Since then, they have reproduced and numbers have been increasing which is attributed to favorable environment and government policy.

After the re-introduction of these two animal species i.e lions and rhinos in Akagera National park, the park is booming now and then and it is only where visitors can go and enjoy the big five animals in their wildness and this provides a remarkable experience to them.

Visitors to Akagera national park can see these big five animals; elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, lions, and leopards through game drives which are done in the morning. Afternoon and evening and through the activity of a boat cruise where they can spot gathering at water point especially in the afternoon. You will not regret planning a safari to Rwanda to explore the big five which are only found in Akagera National park. Book with Africa adventure vacations for the best experience in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

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