Tanzania Balloon Safaris

This Safari experience can be extended to other amazing East Africa destinations

Tanzania Balloon Safaris

Tanzania balloon safaris are the best in entire east Africa. Tanzania is not only about the game drives and hiking, there is another exciting adventure you have to take part in on your safari to Tanzania. An experience to sight flora and fauna in the air in an inflated balloon. Hot air ballooning rides in Tanzania are carried out in Serengeti national park situated in the north central part of Tanzania. A hot air balloon safari begins early morning. The hot air balloon team will pick you up from your camp/ lodge and drive you to the launch site. The ride to the launch site is equally rewarding as you get to see several nocturnal animals such as hyenas on your way.

For safety measures, you will be briefed and after entering the basket, start an amazing safari in the air. At the end of the balloon ride, you will be rewarded a bottle of champagne and bush breakfast depending on the package that you paid for. The experience of exploring Serengeti national park by air is insanely awesome and unforgettable. It will make you feel like having more balloon rides. Book one of our highly discounted balloon safari packages with us today for huge discounts.

Hot air ballooning safari holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania has one of the best hiking safaris in Africa. The country is not only good for game drives and hiking but also balloon safaris. The balloon safaris in Africa give you an opportunity to have an aerial view of wildlife most especially the annual wildebeest migration of animals to Masai mara national park from Serengeti national park. The hot air balloon in Tanzania begins in the morning and the cars will pick you right from your lodges/camp then drive you to the starting point. Before the activity, you will be briefed about the dons and don’ts as well as expectations of the activity.

Tanzania balloon safaris can be done in Serengeti national park which is the largest park in the country. The Park is famous for the annual wildebeest migration which happens from July to October as wild animals move to and from the Masai mara national reserve of Kenya. Serengeti national park balloon safaris are the best way to experience the vastness of the national park in the northern part of the country. The experience starts very early in the morning with a pick up at the hostel to the starting station.

At the starting station, you will meet a group of other travelers and join for a briefing as you are served a cup of coffee. You will then sit and tighten your belt for a flight in the skies. After moving up in the air you will start exploring the park wilderness, wildlife such as birds, wildebeest, eland, impalas, buffaloes, lions, wild dogs, elephants among others, and the vegetation as a guide explains to you. the flight lasts for one hour in the space and later you will get back to land in a different place from the starting point where you will find breakfast ready for you. after all this you will get your certificate and get driven back to the lodge where you can later take part in other park activities.

What is the price of a hot air balloon in Serengeti national park?

A flight in a hot air balloon in Serengeti national park costs $550 per person per flight and this fee includes bush breakfast and transfers from your lodge to the station. The activity is done by persons above 6 years of age and it’s shared by a maximum of 16 passengers. If the weather is not good on the day of the flight, they will refund your money or plan for you the next flight if you have time.

Where to stay in Serengeti national park on a hot air balloon safari?

There are several accommodation facilities in and around Serengeti national park offering exceptional services. These range from luxury to mid-range to budget options so where to stay depends on your travel budget. The lodges in Serengeti national park include Serengeti Simba, Ikoma Tented Camp, Grumeti Migration Camp, Roving Bush top Camp, Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Singita Mara Camp, Mawe Tented Camp, Lemala Nanyukie Tented Lodge, Mwiba Lodge, Sayari Camp, Singita Mara Camp, Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge, Kati Kati Camp, Serengeti Serena Lodge, Melia Serengeti Lodge and Serengeti Sopa Lodge among others.

What is the best time for a Serengeti hot air balloon safari experience?

Any time of the year a hot air balloon in Serengeti national park can be done but the best time is similar to the best time to visit the national park in general. This happens from January to February and June to October but it would be better if you visit the park when it’s time for the annual wildebeest migration.

Tanzania Balloon Safaris can be extended to other amazing East Africa destinations like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Zanzibar to enjoy a number of experiences like gorilla trekking in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, chimpanzee tracking, hiking, game drives and walking safaris

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