Budget holidays & safaris in Kenya

A budget safari to Kenya will let you visit much will little.

Kenya Budget Holidays

Are you looking for Kenya budget safaris and travel holidays in Africa? Well, Kenya is among the best tour destinations in Africa offering best safari experiences to tourist on their voyage to different national reserves. High tourists arrivals in Kenya has been fueled by several factors such as availability of accommodation facilities ranging from budget to high-end safari lodges and camps, well-built transport system ie road, air, railway and water, wide range of national reserves and game parks such as Tsavo East and West national parks, Masai Mara national park, Amboseli national park, lake Nakuru national park, lake Naivasha national park among others which feature a number of tourist activities like game drives, culture encounters, bird watching , ballooning, nature walks among others.

Therefore, budget safaris and holidays in Kenya will reward you the most memorable and magical experiences in the wilderness while spending little.

Kenya is good travel destination for family holidays, sole travelers, group safaris, and honeymoon vacations, beach holidays among others.

What to do on Budget holidays & safaris in Kenya

A number of activities can be done in Kenya for visitors interested in booking budget holidays and safaris. Below are the top things to do in the country;

The safaris game drives 

Game drives safaris are key and important tourist activity done in most Kenya National Reserves and parks. There are various types of game drives and these include the night game drives, and the day game drives which are conducted early in the morning or in that afternoon, and the evening game drives.

The night game drives in Kenya are the best game drives that you can enjoy and in fact, Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the few destinations in Kenya that offers night game drives.

Guided nature walks

These are one of the guided walking safaris which are done by the game rangers or the local Masai worrier. The visitors will follow the trails or footsteps left by the animals on foot as they come closer nearer to nature.

Hot air balloon safaris

With hot air balloon safaris, Tourists will spend one hour floating in the air as they observe various activities and attractions within the park.

Hot air balloon activity is done following the weather of the day and you will enjoy the rays of the sun that that rise stretches over the balloon basket. This activity in Masai Mara National Reserve commences very early in the morning with instructions from the experts before the activity takes place. After the briefing is done by the senior pilots, then you will enter and sit and the wonderful monument starts.

The culture of the people of Masai

Cultural tours in Masai Mara National Reserve also presents one of the best activities that is done in this great reserve.

The local people of the Masai are so important in that they encourage and enjoy the wonderful adventure of the people who have identified their culture and have kept it unique despite the globalization and modernity that has hit the world.

The wildebeest migration 

Enjoy the millions of animals crossing the Mara River as they storm the southern part of the Masai Mara National Reserve for the fresh pastures and water.

This kind of movement happens annually from June to August and the wildebeest spend about 3 months in n Masai Mara National Reserve before they return to Serengeti in Tanzania.

Other than animal viewing, Masai Mara National Reserve has over 500 species of birds that you can watch. These birds are either native or migratory birds. The Masai Mara National Reserve has very many guests that can be enjoyed within and outside the Masai Mara National Reserve

Best time to book Budget holidays & safaris in Kenya

Kenya is a famous world destination offering wonderful safaris places of amazing wildlife, beaches on the ocean with interesting cultural traditional performances presented by various tribes with Kenya.

Other than this the country offers the best mount hiking or climbing experiences however, most of the tourists who go to Kenya have remained to wonder of the best time to go or to engage in the safari adventure.

According to the travel and information experts as well as our own experience in Kenya wildlife safaris, the best time to go to Kenya for the wildlife safaris is determined mainly by the climatic or weather conditions, and in Kenya like any other East African country, there are 2 seasons which are known as the wet and dry season.

The dry season is experienced twice that is characterized by the shorty dry season and then that one with long dry spells. The short dry season is experienced in Kenya from January to February while the long dry season is seen from June up to October yearly.

On the other hand, the remaining month is for the wet season similarly which is also experienced in two seasons that happens from March up to May and then the long-wet season that runs from November to December

Following the above information, it is advisable for the visitors planning to go Kenya for the budget holidays and wildlife safaris to do so in the dry season from July to October, and then august to September are considered as the best and busy time for taking the wildlife viewing safaris in Kenya especially in Masai Mara National Reserve due to the great wildebeest’s Migration.

Yes, if you are planning to book Kenya budget holidays and safaris, you can extend your visit to Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking to either Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the southwest of Uganda

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