Budget safaris & holidays in Zanzibar

You may wonder what your experience will be like when you book a budget holiday to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Budget Holidays

Are you looking for budget Zanzibar holidays and cheapest safaris and tours in Africa? Zanzibar has a number of fueling factors to attract tourists for affordable trips such as ample accommodation facilities ranging from budget, Mid-range and luxury camps and hotels, amazing tourist activities among others. Zanzibar as one of the main travel destinations in East African is endowed with amazing white sand beaches, stunning blue seas and riverine vegetations that attract budget holidays, family vacations, honeymoon retreats, birding, primate adventures and landscape viewing.

Zanzibar budget holidays and safaris with Africa Adventure Vacations will take you to major attractions at the island such  Cheetah’s rock, Nakupenda beach nature reserve, Nungwi beach, Prison Island, Stone town, Jambo spice farm, Jozani Chwaka Bay national park, Paje beach, Old slave market, Big body with Tatata spice farm, Dr Bulugu Gallery, Chumbe Island coral park, Coastal Fast Ferries, Jambiani Beach, Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond, Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, Azam Watersports & Marina, Kizimkazi Mosque and other destinations. Our Cheap and affordable Zanzibar budget holiday tours introduces you to key travel activities for magical everlasting experiences while saving big and without contradicting with the standards of the trip.

Best time to go on Budget safaris & holidays in Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar on holidays is during the archipelago’s dry season that happens from July to September. This period is also regarded as a peak season and attracts lots of travelers all over the world. However, it’s worthwhile travelling at most times of year, with balmy temperatures between 28°C and 34°C and sunshine the norm.

During the wet season of November and December, rains are followed by blue skies. It’s only very wet during the peak of the long rains in April and May.

In Summery

Highly recommended time to visit: June – October because this period is dry and warm with less expectations for down shower and the stifling temperatures of summer.

Less popular time to visit: Zanzibar experiences high rains from November – December and especially from April – May. For price sensitive travelers, this is the best time to visit the destination for budget holidays and safaris because prices for hotels tend to be lower compared to peak season.

Best time for scuba diving: If you are looking at this activity, come during months of June – October when the waves of Zanzibar are greatly visibility

Best time for beaches: Zanzibar can be visited throughout the year for beach holiday tours except in the wettest months of April – May. For very reliable holidays and safaris, visit Zanzibar between June – October.

After this, you would wonder how you could acquire Zanzibar visa requirements, Well Zanzibar is part of Tanzania main land and therefore the same visa regulations and procedures apply for travelers looking for budget holidays and safaris. For those flying straight into Zanzibar, you may secure your visa on arrival at the airport. Please note that you should have cash with you to pay for the visa because card payments are not always accepted.

Top places to go on Budget safaris & holidays in Zanzibar

Stone Town

Travelers thinking of booking budget holidays in Zanzibar, probably reflect on the crystal-clear waters, lustrous white sand and swaying palm trees. However, Zanzibar is more than just that because the historical and cultural centre of Stone Town is always fascinating attractions to so many tourists due to its unique architectural design that can be explore on your visit. Take a wander through the Darajani Bazaar and check out the fresh produce or learn a bit about Zanzibar’s history by visiting the former slave market to make the most of your time here.

Spice Plantations

Besides being Zanzibar being surrounded by magnificent and astonishing beaches, spice plantations have been recognized by most travelers who take an excursion to these sites. Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and pepper are some of the spices that can spotted on a tour to Zanzibar. Budget holidays and safaris are often led by experienced and   knowledgeable local guide who will not only teach you about the culinary and medical properties of whichever spice you may encounter but also give detailed information on each spice’s historical context and its significance in the spice trade route. Taking a tour through Zanzibar’s spice plantations is not just about getting familiar with turmeric and chilli but it is also about seeing the rural side of the island and communicating with its locals.

Prison Island

Prison Island is also referred to as Changuu Island and might not sound like the most appealing place in the world but trust me its tropical paradise and perfect gate away to escape from the crowds of main Zanzibar and relax in the sunshine. The island was a former prison for slaves and host various giant tortoises that wander freely around the island. The island can be accessed from Stone Town by boat and its approximately 30 minutes ride however on your way to the island you may not be able to resist jumping in the water. This is also a best destination for snorkelling due to clear crystal waters and exotic marine life. Upon reaching the Prison Island, look out for beautiful butterflies before exploring the wrecks of what was once the prison building.

Butterfly Centre

Zanzibar’s Butterfly Centre has realized the true potential of these glorious creatures. The butterflies at the centre are not just there to be admired, they form an essential part of the organization’s poverty-alleviating mission. The centre works with members of the local community and provides them with butterfly farming training. These new farmers will then be paid when they bring butterfly pupae into the centre as these create part of the exhibit that is displayed for the benefit of visitors. The funds to pay these farmers come from the profits generated by entrance fees to the gardens so by visiting the Butterfly Centre, you are directly contributing to the local community. It is possible to have a guided tour through the gardens or through the local village to see the butterfly farmers at work and learn about their farming techniques.

Dhow Cruise

Nothing portrays the strong Arab influence in Zanzibar better than the stylish Dhows that sail around the island. Taking a ride in one of the dhows is a truly an everlasting experience and gives tourists an opportunity to get close to the waters of the island. In most cases, booking budget holidays on a dhow takes you for about 1km from the shore of Zanzibar before the motor is switched off and the sail is erected. The tranquility then food at dhow as you silently sail through the gentle ripples of the Indian Ocean is such an unmatched experience. Africa Adventure Vacations strongly recommends to book your excursion with sunset as the vivid oranges, pinks and purples that tinge the sky create some of the most beautiful scenery you will have ever witnessed. Some cruises will stop at one or two of the reefs along the way and allow you to snorkel, making sure you see the best that Zanzibar’s waters have to offer.

If you are looking at booking budget safaris and holidays in Zanzibar, you may extend your trip to the main land of Tanzania to explore Serengeti national park as well as Uganda to track mountain gorillas in either Bwindi forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park.

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