Nyampiki Peninsular In Akagera National Park Rwanda

The peninsular is a good area for you to embark on your game drive

Nyampiki Peninsular In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Nyampiki peninsular track is found in the northern part of Akagera national park Rwanda taking you through the eastern shores of Lake Hago. As you get out of Lake Hago shores, you will get an opportunity to see vervet monkeys, impalas, baboons and many other animals. From here, drive northwards to the 20th junction and turn on your left to the 21st junction at Katabili till you find the 22nd junction were you will drive along the highland route back to south at Rwisirabo and Akagera national park is blessed with huge grassland for you to see some topis, impalas, zebras among others.

Northwest of lake Rwanyakazinga are the Kilala plains that are ideal for you to look out for a variety of wildlife. Lake Rwanyakazinga is a habitat to a large concentration of hippos, crocodiles and different water birds including the rare shoebill stork and papyrus gonolek that can be seen in the papyrus swamps. Lake Rwanyakazinga and Kilala plains give the best view point of wild animals and birds when you are out of the car.

Nyampiki peninsular is a good area for you to embark on your game drive with an opportunity to see wildlife animals such as baboons, impalas, topis, different birds, vervet monkeys and many more.

Bird lovers are also not left out. Exploring Nyampiki peninsular is a perfect place for you to do bird watching tour with big chances to see a variety of birds around lake Rwanyakazinga such as rare shoebill stork, papyrus gonolek, giant king fisher, water thick knee among others. You are advised to come along with a good camera and binoculars.

Boat cruises on Lake Rwanyakazinga while you are on a game viewing safari around Nyampiki peninsular get an amazing site at the huge concertation of crocodiles, hippos, aquatic birds and much more savanna wildlife species that love around the lake shores. Exploring Nyampiki peninsular shouldn’t miss out on the list if you are interested in excellent game viewing in Akagera national park.

Without mountain gorillas, Rwanda stays an amazing destination. Lake Kivu the biggest lake in Tanzania for example has sublime island beaches and perfect coves for discovering while canoeing.

Volcanoes national park is located in the south western part of Rwanda is an epic rainforest where visitors can go for mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking. The people of Rwanda rea very welcoming and warm belying the Rwanda genocide in 1995

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