Traveling to Mabamba wetland from Entebbe

Traveling to Mabamba wetland from Entebbe, you can use motorized canoe boats to Nakiwongo ferry station

Mabamba Shoebill Day Trip From Entebbe Nakiwogo Landing Site By Boat

Are you looking for Mabamba shoebill day trip from Entebbe Nakiwogo landing site by boat? The Mabamba Swamp is an attractive swamp in Uganda that has a wide collection of bird species which including the unique shoebills stork. The community members around the Mabamba wetland have been work hard for many years to protect the swamp and the famous shoebills. They also provide boats that travel to Busi Island and guided boat tours to watch the shoebills they even supply life jackets to the tourists if requested.

A boat tour to Mabamba swamp takes about 3 hours by using a motorized traditional canoe boat which is used to move along the narrow channels of the swamp as you search for the shoebill stork plus other bird species within the wetland.

The history of shoebill stork has not been a very big success other than the struggle to preserve the remaining few populations of the pre-historic bird whose home has been destroyed by human activities. In Mabamba is where the strongholds of the wetland and shoebills protection in Uganda.

Traveling to Mabamba wetland from Entebbe

Traveling to Mabamba wetland from Entebbe, you can use motorized canoe boats to Nakiwongo ferry station which takes about 45mintues- 1 hour to the edges of the island where you will find the wetland guides and then head into the swamp to search for the elusive shoebill stork

The chances of seeing the shoebill in Mabamba Swamp.

Shoebill tracking in Mabamba swamp can be done throughout the year but your high chances are during the dry season that is from June-August and December-February when the water levels are low which makes a lot of mud pool and attracts the lungfish and mudfish, the best food for shoebills thus making shoebill tracking excellent.

The price range for the shoebill trips from Entebbe to Mabamba Swamp.

The shoebill trip from Entebbe to Mabamba swamp costs 70USD per person which includes a bird guide, traditional canoe boat and small canoe that are used to move around in the swamp searching for the unique shoebill.

You can also pay 100USD, this includes a traditional motorized canoe boat, a small canoe to move around in the swamp search to the shoebills and a bird guide fee.

Best time of the day to see the shoebill in Mabamba Swamp.

The best time of the day to search the shoebills in Mabamba swamp is during morning hours when the shoebills are in their prey with mudfish, lungfish and frog but you can also see them in the afternoon though there are risks of the local fishermen disturbing the shoebill, so morning hours are the best time to see endangered shoebills.

Where to stay in Mabamba swamp during the trip

Nkima Forest Lodge

Nkima forest lodge is found in its area of local forest on Nansubuga hill overlooking the Mabamba swamp. Nkima forest lodge has been built in open grassland on the top of the hill. The area is best for bird viewing in Uganda and the local members organize the boat trips for the tourists to the shoebill stork and other bird species. The forest also hosts Red-tailed monkeys that is why the lodge called Nkima the local word, it was named after the presence of these primates in the forest and Vervet monkeys. You will also watch a lot of butterflies, insects, and small mammals like mongoose, bush babies and squirrels, sometimes duiker, bushbuck are spotted. The lodge is perfect for those who are looking for a nice place with fresh air, peace and scenic nature.

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