The price range for the shoebill trips from Entebbe to Mabamba

The shoebill trip from Entebbe to Mabamba costs 70USD per person

Mabamba Shoebill Excursion From Entebbe.

Are you looking for Mabamba shoebill excursion from Entebbe? The Mabamba shoebill is a large water bird that has got a shoe-shaped bill that portrays it as a prehistoric appearance. This reminds us of the birds of dinosaur ancestry. It costs $70 per person in a group of almost 2.

The nest is flattened and large which is built in the middle of swampy grasses or sedges and it is always on a mound of a small island or floating vegetation. The construction is almost 3 meters wide. Even though a clutch of almost 3 dull, typically one nestling, chalky white eggs laid surviving because of inter sibling rivalry where your firstborn chick will out-compete and sometimes kill the siblings. The season for breeding changes since it depends on Africa’s seasonal flood cycle.

It is found in 9 countries that are found in Africa and these species are found in larger ranges but they are found in small localized populations that are located near swamps or wetlands. Individuals are solitary and often female and male in a breeding pair. They like to be occupied at the various ends of their shared territory.

The shoebill undergoes a continuing decline that owes to the effects of habitat destruction and degradation, nest disturbance, hunting, pollution, and also capturing the birds and lives bird trade. The global population is said to be around 5,000-8,000 birds. The species are classed as the vulnerable by IUCN red list and as the threatened species.

Mabamba swamps are located near Entebbe and day trips can easily be organized by Africa Adventure Vacations, and it is normally carried out in the early morning or afternoon.

How to get to Mabamba swamp in Uganda?

Travelers can hire a boat transfer across the lagoon which is near the ferry landing site in Nakiwogo or you can take a two-hour drive via Kisubi-Kasanje road which can be easily accessed by using 4×4 vehicles from Entebbe however this trip is best during morning hours and more chance of finding the shoebills are high.                                          

What to pack for Mabamba shoebill excursion from Entebbe?

Bird watching in the swamp is carried out on an open canoe so to enjoy this amazing experience without disturbance, bird watchers are required to bring a rain jacket, sunglasses, binocular, water prove equipment protection bag, cameras, spear batteries.

The price range for the shoebill trips from Entebbe to Mabamba

The shoebill trip from Entebbe to Mabamba costs 70USD per person, this fee includes only a bird guide fee, a traditional motorized canoe boat and a smaller canoe which is used to move around the swamp search of the shoebill stork.

Another shoebill trip from Entebbe to Mabamba costs 100USD, it also includes a traditional motorized canoe boat, a smaller canoe to move around the swamp in search of the shoebill and a bird guide fee.

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