River Mukungwa

River Mukungwa is habitat for over 4o different bird species which makes it a good place for bird lovers.

Canoeing River Mukungwa

Canoeing River Mukungwa takes you half a day but it is an exciting safari adventure in Rwanda’s lush countryside, canoeing River Mukungwa costs $40 per person. Explore the special to travel as you mingle into impressive scene, encounter different animals species, bird species and you totally immerse into the Rwanda’s local culture of the people who are also enjoy the canoes activity and even in their communities

Canoeing River Mukungwa is done in two shifts, travelers can opt for a morning or afternoon session, both session give you an amazing time in the hearts of the Rwandan country side. Canoeing is done by people above seven years of age.

River Mukungwa is habitat for over 4o different bird species which makes it a good place for bird lovers. There are also over 20 aquatic bird species identified by professional birds on a single day. Driving to River Mukungwa is just a few hours from Kigali city. Canoeing River Mukungwa is a perfect activity for tourists in Rwanda the day before or after visiting mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park as its not more than 30 minutes from all the main hotels near volcanoes national park headquarters.

You will be supplied with a life jacket and you will be given a well-trained guide who will take care of you on the water. You are advised to go with a water proof camera to take photos and record videos to go and share with your family and friends.

You shouldn’t worry because the waters are free from crocodiles and the whole trip can take you just 4 hours.

Morning canoeing at River Mukungwa starts at 08:30 and ends at 12:30 while the evening canoeing shift starts at 1400 and finishes at 1800.

Important Information About Canoeing River Mukungwa

You don’t need to be an expert to take part in canoeing, you should just be reasonably fit and mobile.

You are advised to leave behind your jewelry, phones and other accessories that can be damaged by water or lost if they don’t float.

Come along with a hat and sunscreen to keep away from direct sunshine and wear light clothes.

Carry your raincoat in times of wet season.

You should be ready at the starting point of canoeing in time for there are no refunds for missed departures.

Come along with sandals or flip flops because they will be needed at the end of the canoeing.

In wet seasons, whilst mornings are normally dry, there are rains in the afternoon. There are always thunderstorms but that doesn’t mean the trips are cancelled even if it’s heavy raining.

Canoeing River Mukungwa is a leisurely and exciting activity that visitors can participate in or after gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, exploring the twin lakes and hiking safaris. It’s also recommended to visitors that after visiting mountain gorillas, they can continue to trek chimpanzees in Rwanda. Chimpanzee trekking is done in Ngungwe forest national park and the same park you can trek the famous colobus monkeys or do the canopy walk tour in Rwanda.

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