Access Murchison Falls National Park from Masindi

Visitors can as well enter the park through the Bugungu gate. This gate is also situated on the Southern side of the park

Is It Far To Access Murchison Falls National Park From Masindi?

Access Murchison Falls National Park from Masindi: Masindi is one of the districts that share Murchison falls national park. The other districts include Nwoya, Buliisa, and Kiryandongo.  Masindi boasts the major town adjacent to Murchison falls National Park and most of the visitors accessing the park pass through this town.

The distance from Masindi town to Murchison falls national park depends on the route or gate you decide to use to enter Murchison falls National Park. The fact that Masindi lies in the southern part of Murchison means that you will be using the southern gates which offers you a shorter distance as compared to the one using the northern gates.

Visitors will enter the park by using the Kichimbanyobo gate after Masindi town. This gate is in the southern part and you pass via Kaniyo Pabidi forest. It is only 85 kilometers from Masindi to enter Murchison Falls National Park using the Kichimbanyobo gate

Yes, visitors can as well enter the park through the Bugungu gate. This gate is also situated on the Southern side of the park but the distance is a bit far compared to one using the Kichumbanyobo gate. This will necessitate you to travel for 135 kilometers as compared to the 85-kilometer distance of Kichumbanyobo. However, this route is so entertaining you will pass via the darkness of Budongo forest as you’re welcomed by baboons alongside the road. Other areas of interest you can see include the rift valley escapements and the views of Lake Albert.

Other than this route to Masindi, you can access Murchison falls national park via the northern gates of Tangi, especially for tourists interested in exploring the northern side of the park. Remember, the Northern Park is the hub for most of all tourist activities in Murchison falls National Park. It is convenient and possible for you to cross using a ferry to the southern side of the park and vice vasa.

Still, the Wankwar gate situated in the northern park is used by visitors to access Murchison Falls National Park from Masindi. This is also known as the Chobe safari lodge sectors. This northern part of the park can also be accessed through the Mubako gate. Come and book with Africa Adventure Vacation for the best safaris in Murchison Falls National Park.

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