Guide yourself on a safari to Murchison falls national park Uganda

Which route can you use on your self-guided drive safari tour to Murchison Falls National Park?

How To Guide Yourself On A Safari To Murchison Falls National Park

How to guide yourself on a safari to Murchison falls national park: Murchison Falls National Park presents Uganda’s biggest national park and most visited by both local and international tourists and visitors. The park is home to over 76 species of mammals including the big 4 mammals of Africa and other wild animals. The big 4 animals of Murchison falls national park are leopards, lions, buffaloes, and elephants while other animals present include, hyenas, giraffes, warthogs, bushbucks, waterbucks, Nile crocodiles, Uganda kobs, and primates such as chimpanzees, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, blue and white monkeys among others.

Besides wild animal species, Murchison Falls National Park records over 450 bird species which are available for visitors to enjoy during their bird-watching safari activities. Some of the bird species you can explore include the Nahanahs francolin, pied kingfisher, Goliath heron, African fish eagle, the shoebill stork, sliver bird among several bird species that just have your bird identification book when you’re coming and you will have every bird you want to be identified.

Other than Murchison Falls National Park, there other 9 national parks in Uganda that you visit on your self-guided safari at any time of the year. The self-guided safari can also be done in queen Elizabeth national park which is the second largest and most visited park after Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National park, Kibale forest National park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, Semuliki National Park, the self-guided drive is very interesting however it is not recommendable as you are likely to miss several areas of interests. The best way to go on a safari is to book with Africa adventure Vacations for the best memories and wonders on your safari trip.

Visitors on a self-guided drive tour to Murchison Falls National park can do so by using a hired safari vehicle from the local tourism company present in Uganda or can as well use their vehicle provided it is in good mechanical conditions and can navigate through all kinds of weather conditions. It is good to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that is strong enough to make your safari vehicle.

Which route can you use on your self-guided drive safari tour to Murchison Falls National Park?

Visitors on a self-guided drive tour to Murchison can access the park through both southern and northern gates from Uganda’s capital city Kampala. While on your self-guided safari tours, you can start your safari journey from Kampala and then drive to Masindi via Kaniyo Pabidid in Budongo forest reserve and straight to Kichumbanyobo gate. You will drive for about eighty-five kilometers to access this gate from the town of Masindi, remember that Masindi is one of the districts neighboring Murchison Falls National Park.

You can as well enter the park using the Bugugu gate by passing through Budongo forest and having a glimpse of the stunning sights of Lake Albert, mountain ranges of Congo, and part of the East African rift valley. It is about 135 kilometers drive from Masidi town to this Bugungu gate.

Besides the southern gates, Murchison falls National Park can be accessed through the northern gate. Your self-guided drive will lead you to Tangi gate via Karuma Bridge. You will just need to take Gulu road from Kampala via Bombo and then you will Brach off after Karuma Bridge. Here you can stop and view the spectacular Karuma bridge. Chobe gate is also near the Karuma Bridge it will take you less than 3kilometers to reach Chobe lodge from Karuma Bridge.

You can as well enter the park through the Wankwar gate just ten kilometers away from the Arua-Gulu highway as you guide yourself on a safari to Murchison falls .  The whole journey to both southern and northern park gates will take you about 5hours from Kampala. Upon reaching each gate you will be required to pay USD 40 if you are a foreign non-resident, 20,000 Uganda shillings for East African resident or Ugandan, and United states dollars 30  if you are a foreign resident.

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