Location Of Lake Mburo National Park

On the map, the park is close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It will take you few hours to reach the park.

Location Of Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park’s location is positioned on the high way that connects Kampala to Mbarara and other western districts. The park thus is located in the growing city of Mbarara.

The park is almost 228k from Kampala to the park headquarters and the commonly used means of transport is road transport. The stop over at Mpambire trading Centre makes the journey short in mind because the visitor forgets about how long he has travelled when he/she stops at the drum making Centre and also at Kayebwe were the equator is found.

Lake Mburo National Park is found in a strategic area of precious rocks known as pre-Cambrian rocks and these rocks underline Lake Mburo area and you will find rocks composed of Cenozoic. The park comprises of arenite rocks, argillite rocks and granitized rocks plus salty. These rocks dominate the area and are scattered all over the place. The parks soils are ferralitic and mainly there is sandy clay and sandy loam soils. These soils have favored the growth of trees and plants hence making the environment look green and colorful to tourists.

Lake Mburo is located in the rain shadow of Mountain Rwenzori and Lake Victoria. The area commonly has 2 seasons and they include dry and wet seasons. The park receives a modal low rainfall of about 500 -1000 mm and this rises the temperatures variations to 23-25 degrees Celsius. Climate should be considered by a visitor when preparing to come to the park.

Lake Mburo is composed of 2 park entrances and they are Nshara and Sanga. 20% of money that is collected as entrance fee is used to fund community development activities like building schools and clinics.

The gates distances to the headquarters of the park known as Rwonyo is about 2km and it will take you only 20 minutes to drive and reach. Currently no domestic flight schedule to Lake Mburo however you can arrange a private flight to take you to the park. For a private flight, you will book from Entebbe airport that is located just 46km from Kampala.

There are various ways to reach the park. Remember the park is located in Mbarara and as your on Masaka -Mbarara high way, you will spot a sign post pointing to the left after travelling 221 kilometers from Kampala to Mbarara, then you will turn on your left and you directly reach the Nshara entrance of the park and is only 47km to reach the park’s headquarter when coming from Mbarara. When you’re at Sanga you will have to turn right and Rwesheshebe gate is right there after 12 km. you are advised to use a 4 wheel drive car because the climate may change any time and it rains. Small bus is available at Sanga gate to take you to the park but it is also good to note that sometimes you will have to wait so as to get the small bus.

Lake Mburo national Park is unique in a way that it has a full lake within and also the small size of the park. The park has various animal species and tree species plus a beautiful landscape. Lake Mburo is Uganda’s finest National Park with the Impalas. The park also hosts a few giraffes. The park also hosts predators and they include white leopards and white mongoose, side striped jackal. There are many more activities that take place in the park and they include horse riding, walk safari, boat cruise and Bird watching. The park is sheltered by, forests, shrubs, wetlands and papyrus.  The park is seen with raising and falling hill surrounding it.

You will also view savannah and forest birds flying in the air during boat cruise. There are also aquatic birds and they include bronze tailed starling, crested crane, woodpeckers and many more. They attract more tourists to the park.

Lake Mburo is among the 3 national parks with Burchell’s Zebra. The parks nature also makes the park unique because it creates a difference from other national parks besides the size issue. The park is covered by acacia trees and savannah plus papyrus, Cyprus and papyrus Gonoleks. On the map, the park is close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It will take you few hours to reach the park.

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