Historical Sites In Kigali City Rwanda

Explore various historical sites that are located in Kigali city

Historical Sites In Kigali City Rwanda

Historical sites in Kigali city: These involve places of or locations where some pieces of historical importance either military, cultural or social are preserved due to the heritage importance and mainly for tourism purposes. Historical sites in Kigali involve sites where the victims of the 1994 Rwanda genocide were buried and these sites have been preserved for future use and remembrance.

Different tourists are encouraged to come and visit Kigali city because the city provides different attractions which offer different touristic experiences. Most of these attractions include historical sites, museums, restaurants, artifacts, the presidential palace, educational institutions among others. In this article, we explore various historical sites that are located in Kigali city.

Kigali Genocide memorial center. This is the largest memorial center in Rwanda that acts as a sanctified ground for both Rwandan residents and internationals. This genocide memorial center was built in remembrance of where 25000 victims of the genocide were buried. Tours to this historical site will let you know the events and perspectives of what happened during this massacre and what best you can learn.

Teaching institution usually takes students there to learn the effects of genocides and the mass killing effects. The historical site was constructed in a way that is comprised of 3 exhibitions that include that for the children, permanent exhibit, and showcasing the history of genocide history in the worlds and how best to avoid it.

The presidential palace museums: This memorial site portrays the remains of the plane that was carrying the former president Habyarimana who died in an airplane crash. The death of President Habyarimana in an airplane crash sparked off the 1994 genocide that resulted in the death of over 1 million people. This was a result of hatred between the Hutu and Tutsi tribal people.

Nyanza Genocide Memorial: This memorial ground site is remembered as the site where there are 4 graves of Tutsi people who were killed when the place of hiding was left unprotected by the Belgian soldiers who were guarding the wife of then the presidents and were killed. These groups of people had sought refuge from Ecole Technical Officielle grounds where they were killed.

Kadt house museum:  A visit to this museum will let you know and see the home to the prime Belgium governor in Rwanda who was known as Richard Kadt. This museum portrays how animals, plants, and human beings evolve and the interrelationship between animals, people, and nature.

The Rwanda gorilla statue: The Rwanda gorilla statue is situated in Kigali city center and portrays Rwandans strong wildlife endangered specie that is mostly visited by travelers in Volcanoes National park. The Rwanda Gorilla statue of both female and male gorilla was part of the merriments of the gorilla naming ceremony in Rwanda.

Sainte- Famille church historical site: This is a roman catholic church in Rwanda that used to provide refuge to both the Hutu and Tutsi tribespeople. Unfortunately, these people were later murdered from this same place during the genocide of 1994. After this merciless incident, most of the followers lost faith in catholic and changed to Islamic religion after having learned that one of the priests in this church took a hand in aiding the gunmen to kill these innocent believers.

Hotel Mille de Collins: This hotel in Rwanda became prominent during the Rwanda genocide. Known as Hotel Rwanda, Hotel Mille de Collins acted as a hiding place for many of the Tutsi during the genocide who survived being murdered with the help of Mr. Rusesa Bagina who was in charge of hotel control.

With a variety of talented hospital people, Kigali center has very many local art crafts that attract very many tourists to visit the city. Some of these craft centers include Kigali craft village center, Inema among others. There are different stop shopping cultural centers within the city of Kigali. While traveling in Kigali city you might need to stop at the Kimironko market, House of Tayo, and other places of cultural interest.

Other attractions in Kigali city that you can visit include the rolling hills of Nyarugege and Kacyiru as well as the Nyaturama water body or lake. A combination of all these attractions making Kigali city to be worthy of touring for the best city destination in Africa. Right away from the local people, their traditional ways of life and art as well as their well-prepared local cuisine will make you feel welcome to Rwanda.  Tour and get the perceptive and feelings of about 1 million people who lost their lives during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Learn that there is always hope after a set back as this can be evidenced by the beautiful Kigali city and the people who were once in turmoil.

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