Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site

You can just ask for the staff or use the Kigali genocide memorial digital guide where you're being guided with sounds while you're touring inside the historical site.

Gisozi Rwanda Genocide Memorial Site

Gisozi is also known as the Kigali genocide memorial site and is one of the prominent genocide historical sites in Rwanda. The memorial site was put up in honor of over 2,500 remains of people who were killed and buried at the site during the genocide which as against the Tutsi.

The Kigali genocide memorial site was built in a such way that it provides options for children to go and tour and the old people and those interested in knowing the causes of the genocide and all that happened and how it went in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

The names of the people killed are painted on the walls and you can go there and read while on your tour. Still, there are images of the people who were killed inside and the Kigali genocide memorial site is located just in Gisozi a few meters away from Kigali city center. It might take around nine minutes to reach this historical site.

Kigali genocide memorial site in Gisozi is always open from 8; 00 am in the morning up to 5; 00 pm in the evening and works seven days of the week. However the last Saturday of the months, the Kigali genocide site opens in the afternoon from 1; 00 to 5; 00 pm to give time for the Umuganda community clean illness work on this day. Usually, the last entrance is always one hour before closing time.

To access this Kigali memorial site of historical importance, you need to first reach in Kigali city then you can use a private car or higher at mini taxi to drive you to Gisozi where it is located. It is a very short distance and it will take for you just 8-9minutes from Kigali city center to reach this historical site.

Visiting the Kigali genocide memorial site will necessitate you to take or hire an experienced guide who will help you guide through this memorial site. You can just ask for the staff or use the Kigali genocide memorial digital guide where you’re being guided with sounds while you’re touring inside the historical site.

Kigali genocide memorial site audio tours fees; these can be fairs charged by tourists interesting in taking tours around this memorial site in Gisozi. For adult visitors, the audio guide fees are at 15 United States dollars while students pay also 15 United States dollars while visitors from the East African community pay 5 United States dollars.

Kigali genocide memorial site still offers guided tours to the site gardens and different exhibitions. Taking these guided tours will help you explore the true reasons behind the 1994 Rwandan genocide because the guides here are the survivors of the genocide rebelled against the Tutsi.

Filming and photography as an activity will cost you 20 United States dollars. This price is inclusive of taking and making films inside the Kigali genocide memorial site. However, visitors taking photos from outside is free of charge and you will not be charg5ed any money.

Kigali Genocide Memorial site visits for VIP: It is important that visitors planning for the VIP tour at the memorial site, inform in advance the site staff for a better arrangement. This will help in making sure that people or the VIPs are planned on how best they can be treated and accommodated.

Security at the memorial site: You don’t need to worry about the security both of your property or your life while visiting the Kigali genocide memorial site. The security is manned by Rwanda National police who are always stationed at the entrance. Upon reaching the entrance, you be requested to checked (both you and your vehicle to ensure maximum security of the area. The motive of this police check is to make sure that weapons such as knives, guns, and others cannot be sneaked in and cause havoc to any visitor or person around.

Visitor policy regulation: as earlier noted, the Kigali genocide memorial historical site conserved the remains of over 250,000 people who were killed during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi tribe. Therefore it is important that as the visitor, you maintain the highest level of behavior and maintain proper dressing style, don’t off the truck driver and avoid stepping on these graves. Please Respect.

As a visitor, you’re not supposed to drink or eat while in the garden or the exhibition. There is a memorial café with a lot of food staff where you can go, sit and enjoy your food of choice. Additionally, animal pets and service animals cannot be permitted at the memorial site. You should keep time as visitors who arrive thirty minutes after their booked time will not be permitted entry.

Visiting the Kigali Memorial site can take one hour and thirty minutes. However, this time can be extended considering the size of the group visiting. Visitors are expected at this site throughout the year keeping other risks such as insecurity. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the genocide, just book with Africa adventure vacations for more of these safaris to Rwanda destination.

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