Best Time To Tour Rwanda

You need to book in advance and as early as possible in the case, you decide to travel to Rwanda during peak season.

Best Time To Visit Or Tour Rwanda

Best season or time to tour Rwanda destination: Rwanda as the destination can be toured all the year-round. There is no kind of weather season when you are not allowed to touring Rwanda destination especially for endangered gorilla trekking or exploring the big 5 animals in Akagera National park. Most tourists prefer going for Rwanda holidays during drier conditions or seasons because in the wet season the trails used for game drives tend to become muddy and sometimes slippery.

The best season or month or time of the year to tour Rwanda destination is described below;

From June to September and December to up the end of February: These are the months or times of the year when there are sunshine/dry conditions favorable for any traveler planning to tour or visit Rwanda’s destination. Thus this is regarded as the best season or time of the year to travel to Rwanda for safaris.

During this dry season, the trails used within with parks for game drives and other activities such as nature walks and canopy walks are passable and favorable. However, it is important to note that some of the activities done in tropical rains forests such as canopy walks and trekking therefore it is important that you carry a coat just in case the weather conditions change.

Hiking is also comfortable during these conditions. Most of the wild animals are seen during the dry season on the water sources within different parks such as Akagera and this makes it possible for travelers on the game drive and boat cruise to come closer to these animals unlike during the rainy season when they rarely converge around water points. During the dry season, it’s a guarantee that animals will be spotted.

From March up to mid-May and October to December: During this period Rwanda receives heavy rainfall. But this shouldn’t scare you as it doesn’t rain daily or entire season or month. Thus some actives can still go on even during this rainy season.

 Travelers for example on holidays or vacation to Rwanda might not even notice or encounter any rain during this trip in this period. Like any other east African country, in Rwanda, it can rain for even one hour then shines the whole day making it easy for activities to carry on.

On the other hand, the Rainy season is the best time for plants to undergo flowering which attracts a lot of birds. Therefore birding safaris in Rwanda can be best done during this rainy season however this depends on the type of bird species that you’re interested in.

Photographers can also enjoy the green vegetation cover and well-rejuvenated plant species during the rainy season. As earlier said most of the tourist travel from June to September you can travel during this time as you are likely to travel on a reduced budget as compared to the peak season. You need to book in advance and as early as possible in the case, you decide to travel to Rwanda during this season.

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