Genocide Safaris And Tours In Rwanda

Tourism in Rwanda for genocide safaris and tours will also get touched and emotional while touring the massive graves in Gisenyi

Genocide Safaris And Tours In Rwanda

Genocide tours and safaris in Rwanda involve an interesting, educative, and demonstrative activity that tourists can opt to while in Rwanda for vacation. Genocide happened in Rwanda around 1994. However, after this killing event, Rwanda is now peaceful full of a clear political government treating all the people equally regardless of their tribes or religious affiliations.

Rwanda is one of the east African community countries and hosts several tourist attractions in the form of national parks, water bodies, forests cultural, and genocide cultural sites. Major attractions include Mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes, chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park, and the big 5 comprised of buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and lions in Akagera National park.

All these tourism attractions have attracted very many people in Rwanda who have to proceed to visit Rwanda genocide memorial sites. Most travelers get are always eager to know about what transpired and caused the genocide and such they end participating in such tours.

Tourism in Rwanda for genocide safaris and tours will also get touched and emotional while touring the massive graves in Gisenyi but later on are relished by the courage and hope that after all evil acts peace and reconciliation should prevail and exactly that is what happened in Rwanda post-genocide.

Songs of joy and jubilation happened when the leaders of Rwanda patriotic front warranted peace to the Rwanda country as they made sure that there were no more hate, killings, sectarianism, and family breakup. This was done to restore the country’s peace and make progress. Upon the success of the Rwanda Patriotic Front, peace prevailed and tourism also resounded.

 Different memorial sites were established and well-built to remember the death of over one million people that perished during the genocide in Rwanda. This has made tourists on Rwanda tour to incorporate genocide tours where they will visit these memorial sites such as Nyanza memorial site, Bisensero genocide memorial site, Nyamata genocide memorial museum, and Kigali genocide museum among others.

Tourists touring Rwanda on genocide tours will have the best chance to stay at various accommodation facilities available close to this genocide memorial site.  Information about accommodation varies depending on the memorial site as different genocide memorial sites offer different information regarding both luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodation facilities.

The services provide by different accommodation facilities adjacent genocide memorial sites range from quality rooms, conference facilities, air conditioning, adequate parking space, beautiful swimming pools among others.

Some of the accommodation facilities found near the Rwanda genocide memorial sites in Rwanda where you can stay on your genocide tour include; Kigali Marriott Hotel, the Manor Hotel, Home Saint jean hotel, Five to Five hotel, Hotel de Mille Collins, Macheo Ecolodge where you can as well do camping and Moriah Hill Resort with magnificent views among others.

All the above-identified accommodation hotels were established with the view of making the visitor experience of genocide tours in Rwanda so remarkable. So you need to book an accommodation facility depending on the information provided by a certain genocide memorial site staff.

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