Helicopter Flights To Nyungwe

Helicopter flying safaris are usually landing at One & Only Nyungwe House helipad

Helicopter Flights To Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

Tourists can use helicopter flights to Nyungwe forest national park, the largest and one of the oldest national parks in Rwanda. The park is famously known as the best place for the unique chimpanzee and its biodiversity cannot be found anywhere in Rwanda or the remaining parts of East Africa.

Nyungwe Forest National park is among the best destinations in Rwanda for a wildlife safari, including a small population of chimpanzees as well as other 12 primate species, including L’Hoest’s monkey endemic to the Albertine Rift, the Colobus Monkeys, and countless beautiful bird species. Helicopter flights from Kigali International Airport to Nyungwe forest are always available and it takes just 45 minutes.

Helicopter flying safaris are usually landing at One & Only Nyungwe House helipad which helps tourists quickly access Nyungwe forest National Park, and on arrival, it is also a short drive to your Lodge.

Visiting Nyungwe Forest National Park with helicopter flights gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful aerial scenery of Rwanda. Akagera Aviation was approved by the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) to organize all helicopter flights to Nyungwe forest and It is the first company to be licensed in all three spheres of aviation being licensed in Rwanda as an: Air Services Operator (ASO), Aviation Maintenance Organization (AMO) and Aviation Training Organization (ATO). Akagera Aviation was appointed as a Service Center and Robinson Helicopter Dealership, of which it is the first company in all parts of East African.

Features of helicopter used for Nyungwe Forest National Park safaris

Robinson (R44) Seats: 3

Robinson (R44) was produced by the American manufacturer Robinson and it is a 3 seat single-engine. It is also has a Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected, tuned-induction engine, angle-valve, which removes the need for carburetor heat. Its standard 28-volt electrical system ensures good starting performance in cold or hot weather and also provides additional electrical power as optional equipment.
This helicopter offers good responsive handling, reliability, and altitude performance, which makes it your best choice helicopter for business, utility applications and private. The body and the luggage weight should be for a maximum of 180kilogrames

Agusta (AW139) Seats: 5

The AW139 was produced by the Italian manufacturer Agusta Leonardo in the year of 2010. This helicopter has got the standard and original engine well designed to improve its efficiency and with it, interior providing conformability, tasked to perform different roles in the world aviation industry for conformability of visitors. The body and luggage weight should be for a maximum of 550kgs

Agusta (A109S) Seats: 6

The Agusta 109S Grand was produced by the Italian known as Agusta Leonaldo in 2010. This helicopter type is a twin-engine for only 6 passengers and it is operated for emergency medical service (EMS) by civil operators and executive passenger transport.
The flights offer the pilot an opportunity of the standard cockpit and reduced members that allow a sense of visibility and situational analysis. The aircraft features are rapidly reconfigurable, cocoon-type, modular cabin for multirole versatility, high strength airframe as well as crash-resistant systems for passenger comfort and safety. The body and luggage weight should be for a maximum of 380kg.

Agusta AW119MKII Seats: 6

The Agusta 119 (A119MKII) was manufactured in 2017, a high-performance single-engine helicopter that is arranged only for 6 passengers. It has an enhanced stability augmentation system, modern technology and state-of-the-art safety features. This helicopter was mainly manufactured for emergency medical service by civil operators and passenger transport. The body and luggage weight should be for a maximum of 380kg.

After Nyungwe forest national park, helicopter flights are also available to take you and visit Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking and get to know more about mountain gorillas in Rwanda or you can participate in Golden Monkey tracking. You can also visit Akagera by Helicopter for a wildlife experience in Rwanda and view various wildlife animals such as Elephants, Duikers, Golden cats, Giraffes, Rhinos, lions and other wildlife animals.

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