Colobus Monkeys In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Colobus monkey tracking is a short hike that takes 2-3 hours, and it also takes you through tea plantations.

Colobus Monkey Tracking In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Colobus monkey tracking in Nyungwe forest national park-  Besides chimpanzee trekking and the Canopy walk being the famous activities which attract all travelers to visit Nyungwe forest national park, Colobus monkey trekking is also among the most amazing experience into the park. Once you meet these black and white ornaments during the trek, you will be amazed at how large the group is.  Colobus monkeys in Nyungwe forest national park are usually found in a group of about 350-400 individuals including the largest group of the Angolan Colobus Monkeys in Africa.

Visitors with sufficiently time can trek and see colobus monkey since takes few hours to meet them not like chimpanzees trek. These beautiful creatures have an amazing experience which you can’t miss out like the way they climbing trees, jumping from one tree to another including their messy eating habits that also help spread the seed of the fruit that they are eating in the forest, and this keeps them to move around than chimpanzees tends to move long distance.

Colobus monkey tracking is a short hike that takes 2-3 hours, and it also takes you through tea plantations.  A visitor who prefers to do Colobus monkey tracking in Nyungwe forest national park does not need porters because the hike is just for few hours. The permit for colobus monkey tracking costs 50USD per person.

Chimpanzee Trekking is a long day but the trek is worth the reward. Chimpanzee trek is truly an amazing experience. On a lucky day, you can meet the Chimpanzees group in just 45 minutes of walking and see how they do their daily activities like nesting, females breastfeeding their younger ones, eating, climbing the trees. You’re allowed to spend only 1 hour with them. Tourists need a porter during chimpanzee trekking that will help you in steep areas, carry your luggage and also clearing ants from your shoes.  Hiring a porter, you will be participated in supporting the community as most of them are local members around the park

During colobus monkey tracking, you can also do an amazing walk following the Isumo trail, though the ground is always slippery and steep so remember to carry hiking boots, wear a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, hat and do not forget to pick a walking stick from reception center at free of charge.

Rwanda has many several parks where you can also visit apart from Nyungwe forest national park such as Volcanoes National Park which will give a big opportunity to explore more about mountain gorillas.  Other visitors will complement to visit Akagera National Park for a wildlife safari with a game drive and a boat safari along Lake Ihema for aquatic life such as hippos, crocodiles and birds.

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