Tours To Akagera National Park

The park is open to visitors at any time of they year.

Group Tours To Akagera National Park Rwanda

Group tours to Akagera national park- The park was named after Akagera River, Akagera national park located in eastern part of Rwanda is one destination not to miss out during a group tour in Africa, because it is the only destination out of four national parks best for game viewing in Rwanda, with all big five mammals namely Rhinos, Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions and Leopards recorded inside the park. The attractive sceneries, well developed road network and standard accommodation, large biodiversity, wildlife, cool climate, savannah plains, the rolling hills, experienced guides, security, and the geographical features will leave you astonished.

The park borders Tanzania, and is located in the northeastern part of Rwanda (the land of a thousand hills). It was gazetted in 1934, with much of its land slashed off for cultivation. The rest is history, as it now covers an area of 1,122, with lots of gorgeous sceneries, flora and fauna and water bodies, the park by far is said to be the most scenic destination in Africa, though not so popular.

Akagera National Park is a few kilometers from Kigali international airport, thus taking a group a few hours to arrive and catch-up with the different tourism activities, have fun, chill, and interact with each other. Despite the destination being cheap, group tours leave everyone happy since accommodation, transportation, and other costs are affordable and equally shared among the group members.

When to Visit Akagera National Park for Group Tours?

Akagera national park is open to visitors at any time of they year, from morning to evening and it is expected that you travel with your documents such as Passports, national IDs, and Visa for proper identification. However, the dry season is the best time if you will have to enjoy your activities without any interruptions from rainfall or Mud. This happens from June to mid-September and December to February. Secondly, most of the mammals come out of the hideouts to the water sources search for water and graze in the open savannah grassland thus making it very easy to see them.

Why Visit Akagera National Park for Group Tours?

Why you should select this destination is that after booking your safari in months before the actual date, the accommodation of your choice is carefully chosen, exciting activities, and a wonderful 4WD safari vehicle for game viewing is approved and no stone is left unturned. The park is a dwelling to the sought after papyrus swamp lovers such as the sitatunga and the shoebill stork, mammals such as buffalos, common duiker, lions, elephants, jackals, common tsessebe, waterbuck, topis, giraffes, hamessed bushbuck, zebras, impalas, Oribi, eland, wildebeest, hyenas, warthogs, and roan antelopes, primates such as bush babies, vervet monkeys, baboons, and the blue monkeys among others.

What to do in Akagera National Park for Group tours?

Boat cruise at Lake Ihema

Only those who have tried testify to how astonishing a boat cruise is, sailing on top of the water while having millions of imaginations swept by the cool breeze arising from the atmosphere. The Boat cruise at Akagera national park is done in the morning or in the evening and can you can book it online or on arrive.

The boat cruise gives you the chance of watching a school of Hippos, crocodiles, water birds and different mammals such as elephants, giraffes, buffaloes as well as antelopes quenching their thirst as well as cooling their body temperatures

Game viewing

Akagera national park has morning game drive, evening game drive and night game drive for any number of game viewers on a 4X4 safari vehicle. You can go for a half or full-day game drive exploration to search for the numerous mammals such as warthogs, giraffes, leopards, buffalos, , Antelopes, zebras, Rhinos, hyenas, elephants, lions, and many more, birds such as the Bateleur, Guinea fowls, African fish eagle, shoebill storks, African jacana, African harrier hawk, Squacco heron, Sitatunga antelopes among others, and rare tree species.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is one of the most thrilling activities to participate in while out for a group safari. It is intended for you to improve on your fishing skills as well as learning more about different types of fish. This is only done at Lake Shakani where you will do a catch and release method after trapping the fish.

At the end of the sport you can have one for a meal in case the experts recommend that it may not survive again when released back into lake. Some of the sport fishing tournaments are also carried out in this place and there is always a prize for the winner.


Akagera national park is a true birders haven, offering asylum to over 480 rare bird species, including the sought- after shoebill stork and others namely, Zambian arnot chat, African fish eagle, papyrus gonolek, Squacco heron, lesser kestrel, African harrier hawk, the long-tailed cistola, Broad-tailed, African jacana, and white-winged warbler, Bateleur, Carruthers and Miombo wren-warblers among others.

You can spend the whole day in search of these unique bird species, listening to their amazing sounds, closely watching, studying their behaviors as well as taking as many photos as possible.  They are commonly spotted while having a guided nature walk or boat ride along the shores of the lake, swamps, and huge trees.

Cultural encounter

Visiting the organized cultural groups living around Akagera national park is very satisfying and incredible as you get to interact with local people. As you will come to learn about the people’s cultures, their creativity and fun have fun together.

The locals benefit from these visits and in turn put a smile on visitors’ faces through storytelling, local dances, traditional songs, art and craft, and demonstrations such as milking, grazing, making local wine, and cooking. Your participation in the activities and dance is very important since it brings life to the entire group and local people who will be happy to sell to you some of their souvenirs.

Guided Nature walk

Guided nature walk at Akagera national park is a delightful activity that brings you closer to nature, beautiful sceneries, animals, birds, plants, and butterflies. The park ranger will lead you through the designed routes while explaining to you some of the things you need to know, as well as giving you the chance of taking bright photos, visiting the nearby communities among others

Safaris to Akagera national park can be extended to DR Congo for mount Nyiragongo hiking experiences and Bwindi forest national park Uganda for gorilla trekking safaris

Joining a group to visit Akagera National park

With different travelers coming from different places, and regions all over the world, having different likes and dislikes, speaking a different language, joining a group is not always. However, you can contact us at Africa adventure vacations and we will recommend you to a group with the same preference as yours, and out for the same purpose.

Choosing your Accommodation for Akagera group tours

Accommodation at Akagera national park range from Budget to midrange to luxury lodges, campsites and hostels depending on your budget; however, as a group, you will need to book in advance so as to pick the right lodge at your price, secure and have all the facilities you need.

You can also carry your own tents and use the free space set aside for camping, as well as a campfire during the night. Some of the popular lodges at the park include the Ruzizi tented Lodge, Akagera game lodge, Karenga bush camp, Dereva hotel, Muyumba, and magashi camp among others

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