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Mount Nyiragongo Group Safaris

Mount Nyiragongo group safaris Located in Virunga national park one of Africa’s oldest national parks in Democratic Republic of Congo, Mount Nyiragongo is also known as General Nyiragongo and the biggest deal when it comes to group hiking safaris. Hiking to the top of the volcano takes 5-6 hours using Kibati trailhead to an altitude of 3470 meters above sea level to the red boiling lava summit, which is one of the world’s biggest lava lakes in the recent History

Mount Nyiragongo has passed through a series of repeated Eruptions which count up to about 31 times, with the most recent happening on 22nd May 2021, displacing and killing about 2 million people, destroying thousands of houses and crops among others in Goma city. Mountain Nyiragongo is believed to be one of the world’s most active volcanic mountains

Between 1894 and 1977 the crater comprised an active lava lake and, on the 10th January 1977, the walls of the crater fractured and there was a one-hour lava lake draining action that took place, where lava lake witnessed at roughly 3250 meters above sea level moving at the fasted speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Lava rising from Nyiragongo is fluid composed of nephelinite and moves slowly down words for at roughly 37 mph due to the low silica content overwhelming villages and killing at least 600 people.

Forward to 17th January 2002, the lava flow reached the northern shore of Lake Kivu, killing at least 147 people because warnings had been made and more than 400,000 people had been evacuated from the city across the Rwandan border into neighboring Gisenyi town during the eruption. 

Eruption at Mount Nyiragongo last occurred on 22nd May 2021 when lava was reported erupting again. The authorities urged residents in the surrounding areas to evacuated and most of these crossed to Gisenyi town in Rwanda while others crossed to Uganda causing thousands of people to lose their home crops and animals. A few people lost their lives and this was mainly by car crashes in the ensuing evacuation. Mountain Nyiragongo is now being monitored by a team of scientists at the Goma Volcanic Observatory. 

Hiking to the summit of Mount Nyiragongo is very thrilling and done in a group where the slowest person determines the hiking pace, with a lot of stories being shared by the hiking guide, glancing at the stunning rolling hills, plantations, birds, mammals, and primates among others.

At the beginning of the hike, a briefing is held whereby the rules, regulations, dos, and don’ts are mentioned out to all the Hikers by an expert park ranger guide who will, later on, lead you on the Hike, together with a well-trained and armed security guard to protect you from any danger as well as a porter who will help you in carrying some your luggage at a small fee.

Each hiking group is strongly advised to do some simple physical exercises before the Hiking date to make sure they are fit, and avoid situations such as muscle pull that can prevent you from reaching the summit.

Furthermore, it is advisable that as you plan your trip, book a few months to the actual date and equip yourself with some items such as a sleeping bag for using at night, warm clothes, sweater, and jackets to use at night while at the summit, personal effects, professional camera to take quality photos, water containers for carrying drinking water, binoculars to see distant objects, backpack, and Hiking documents

When to book Mount Nyiragongo for group safaris?

Mountain Nyiragongo can be visited at any time of the year but the best time for visiting the mountain is during the dry season that happens in December to February as well as June to mid-September when it is shiny, and thus no form of disruptions caused by mud or rainfall. Hiking is best done when the ground is dry for one to enjoy the experience without sliding or taking very long-time trekking to the top simply because you have to walk very slowly. Also, as you hike, there are high chances that you will come across unique bird species, and different primates such as mountain gorillas on a good day, in search of water and what to eat.

Choosing accommodation for mount Nyiragongo group safaris

This being a hiking adventure, the first night of your arrival will be at a luxury, Budget, or midrange lodge, campsite, or hotel depending on your budget, and then followed by a night at the accommodations build on top of the mountain. They are well constructed and have all the facilities you will need to used and feel comfortable.

Joining a group to visit Mount Nyiragongo?

Even though Group safaris have been proven to be very affordable, fun-packed, and cooperative, finding one to join is not an easy task. Luckily enough, researcher’s organizations, schools, families, and a collection of friends find it so easy to form one.

But what about that person who has the love and desire of hiking mount Nyiragongo but has no group? The good news is that you can contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations and we will recommend you to a group of Hikers who have the same likes and dislikes as yours. However, there is a possibility of finding a group on the same day of hiking during the briefing session.

In conclusion, Hiking Mount Nyiragongo is a once in life experience that you will never forget all your life; it is made easier when you have all the hiking tools; – trekking permits and physical fitness.

Besides the hiking escapade, you can also do Mountain Gorilla trekking or golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National park, bird watching, nature walk, cultural encounters, and visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. Book your safari today and get sorted!

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