Leopards In Akagera National Park

Tracking leopards in Akagera national park Rwanda is not an easy task

Leopards In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Leopards in Akagera national park Rwanda can be found around Magashi camp area. Akagera national park is the only savannah park in Rwanda and it’s the only park in Rwanda where you can track, see, film, and photograph leopards. However, it’s very good to know that much of the wildlife of Rwanda is just recouping after the political war that birthed the Rwanda genocide in 1994. For example, the population of leopards in Akagera national park as estimated to be between 15 – 20 individuals spotted around Magashi camp area – a luxury camp overlooking the areas of the park and is a best place to stay for people looking to film the leopards in Akagera national park.

Tracking leopards in Akagera national park Rwanda is not an easy task and it’s among the most difficult animals to track and find. Leopards are solitary animals; tread very lightly and often move in changeable directions. Although leopards make use of roads and game paths, they regularly move through long grass or thickets where their direction of travel is not clear.

Successful tracking of leopards in Akagera national park relies on evidence and clues left behind by these mammals. The trackers must anticipate the leopard’s movements, interpret other wild animals and different bird calls, as well as recognize exceptionally faint tracks on the ground. If a leopard becomes aware of the trackers, it can hide and allow the person to pass by completely without seeing it meters away.

Patience in respect and sensitivity are the guiding principles of leopard habituation within Akagera national park, so great care is taken by trackers to try and find them without the leopard becoming aware of them.

In Akagera national park, the big 5 mammals are African elephants, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and can be seen in different loops or trucks of the park.

Rwanda’s partnership with notable international conservation organizations such as African parks which are currently managing Akagera national park the only savannah park in Rwanda and a home to the highly secretive leopards. Discover more about Rwanda apart from game viewing in Akagera national park, visit volcanoes national park and trek mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Those that want to meet eye to eye with chimpanzees and colobus monkeys in Rwanda can visit Nyungwe forest national park to track these special primates.

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