Kitabili Loop In Akagera National Park

Kitabili loop is one of the trails that give you an opportunity to explore different wildlife species

Kitabili Loop In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Kitabili loop in Akagera national park expands up to 70 km, which is about 5 hours’ drive thus making it an extended difference of the Rwasirabo loop. It takes you about the same hours to explore Kitabili just like getting on a day game drive from Ruzizi tented lodge or Akagera game lodge most especially during the wet season. Tourists drive up to Mohana plains to Lake Birengero. From Lake Birengero you turn left at the junction and continue for about 15 km up to Lake Hago and then to Kageyo about 34 km away and Nyampiki peninsular.

Nyampiki peninsula track takes you through the scenic shores of Lake Hago with chances of seeing buffaloes, elephants, zebras, hippos from the lake, vervet monkeys, baboons, impalas, and much more. From Nyampiki peninsular you drive to the north for a small distance and turn on your left when you reach Kitabili and then keep left until you drive via highland route back to the south to Rwasirabo and Akagera national park reception which gets you an opportunity to see zebras, topis, oribis and other different birds.

Remember that the game drives in the northern side of Kitabili are limited due to the remoteness of the nature of the area and there are also a few lodging facilities where you can rest after a long tiresome day. Most accommodation in Akagera national park is found at the main entrance even though the game drives are better done in the northern sector of the park than in the south. Day game drives in Akagera national park give you an opportunity to see several wild animals among which include the big 5 mammals – lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffaloes. There are also animals in the park such as zebras, giraffes, impalas, topis, cape elands to mention but a few. There are also nocturnal animals and birds in the park that can be seen during the night time such as hyenas, leopards, bush babies, mongoose, civets, and several cats.

Kitabili loop is one of the trails that give you an opportunity to explore different wildlife species in Akagera national park. Akagera is the only savannah park in Rwanda with the big five mammals as it’s also home to over 525 different bird species making it a good place for bird lovers. The birds in Akagera national park include grew crested crane, African jacana, shoebill stork, white-winged warbler, Caruthers cisticola, papyrus gonolek, squacco herons, long-toed and water thick-knee to mention but a few.

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