Charity Gorilla Safaris In Uganda And Rwanda

Visiting this page gets you a step closer to your gorilla tracking for charity in Rwanda or Uganda.

Gorilla Trekking For Charity In Uganda And Rwanda

Are you a group that wants to do gorilla trekking for charity in Uganda and Rwanda? Look no further than our Uganda- Rwanda charity safari at Africa Adventure Vacations and enjoy our affordable and pocket friendly gorilla safari rates. Rwanda and Uganda are developing countries and because of certain obstacles they have so many children that are obstacles, many mothers who lost their spouse and a large number of street kids roam the streets of cities.

None of the above people loves to live such a bad life and we accept if we show them some light, there might be a chance for transformation. A number of travelers always add charity at the end of their packages while some travel purposely for charity works in Uganda and Rwanda. There are those that book with us simply because they are certain of what we are going to use a percentage of our profits to provide for the less privileged people.

Some of the people we provide for are young children who don’t have education, orphans who lost their children and women who lost their spouse and also disabled. When you book a safari through this section, a percentage of the profits we collect from our trip is used to care the above categories of people. You will be supporting them indirectly and aiding them hence transforming their lives to become better people in life. Whether it is mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, wildlife viewing, chimpanzee trekking or cultural interactions, you shall assist you to complete any of these safaris.

Gorilla tracking for charity in Uganda is an amazing experience regardless the prices of a gorilla permit and the cost of the trip. It’s time for you to a good gorilla trekking company like Africa adventure vacations and on your way to spot these endangered mountain gorillas in East Africa. It can be from Kigali international airport to Bwindi impenetrable forest or from Entebbe International Airport in Entebbe, Kampala, Arusha in Tanzania or Nairobi in Kenya.

Mountain gorilla safaris are among the best safari types done in Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks, Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga national park and Rwanda in volcanoes national park.

With about 1080 gorilla individuals left in the world, mountain gorillas are now considered endemic. Half of the total remaining population resides in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda and the rest live in the Virunga conservation area, an area that is made up of Volcanoes national park, Virunga national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Visiting this page gets you a step closer to your gorilla tracking for charity in Rwanda or Uganda. Contact Africa Adventure Vacations to plan for you a stunning adventure today and you will forever have memories to share.

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