Domestic Flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park

The domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park are operated by Fly Uganda which departs from Kajjansi at 8 in the morning

Flights From Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airfield To Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are a number of flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is situated just 414 km west of Kampala city the capital of Uganda. There are several charter flights from Kajjansi airstrip and Entebbe international airport through a list of airlines to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The tour operators at Queen Elizabeth National Park can arrange for you further transportation from Entebbe international airport or the Kajjansi airstrip as part of your safari or tour package.

Unlike Tanzania and Rwanda, Uganda has got a list of airlines that do domestic travel around the country. Uganda has the least number of airlines operating in the domestic travel business and the Uganda airlines had closed in 2014 although they are going to start business again soon. Charter flights are always available and run scheduled flights to airstrips in all national parks in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park are operated by Fly Uganda which departs from Kajjansi at 8 in the morning for USD290 per person with a maximum of two visitors aboard, Aero link Uganda is the famous charter in east Africa for domestic travel into the national park, Queen Elizabeth inclusive. Aero link works with air services in Tanzania and air Kenya in Kenya. Aero link operates flights to Queen Elizabeth national park through Mweya airstrip or Kasese airstrip. The flights take about 11 passengers plus luggage of 15 kilograms is allowed for excess baggage will result in extra charges,

Eagle air is also another domestic flight that operates in Uganda, however, it operates mainly in the northern parts of Uganda in Arua and Gulu. These flights go to Chobe airstrip and Pakuba airstrip all of these in Murchison falls national park. Other domestic flights in Uganda include Air services Uganda, Mission Aviation Fellowship.

The flights in Uganda are cheap to travelers that hate the long hour drives and uncomfortable public transport, the price of these flights range from USD227 and USD259. Air transport in your safari is somehow expensive but it’s safe and straightforward compared to road and water transport. Each week domestic flights set off from Entebbe international airport to rural areas especially national parks.

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