What to pack for golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga and Volcanoes National park

Visitors coming to Uganda or Rwanda for golden monkey tracking are advised on what to carry and among others pack the following items;

Best Places For Golden Monkey Trekking Experience In Africa

What are the best places for golden monkey trekking Experience in East Africa? These adventures and significant primates’ species in Africa can only found in two countries of Uganda and Rwanda. In Uganda, golden monkeys are found in Mgahinga Gorilla National park while in Rwanda, Golden monkeys are found in Volcanoes national park

Best Places for golden monkey trekking East Africa

Golden monkey tracking is an activity that is close or similar to a chimpanzee or gorilla tracking as the visitor/tourist is required to trek the golden monkey by walking. Golden monkeys are active and likely and they tend to move hence one needs as well to put physically fit and put in a lot of effort while doing gorilla trekking. Golden monkeys are small as compared to gorillas and chimpanzees and they tend to move swiftly via the bamboo shoot as they search for food. Bamboo shoots are the best dishes for the golden monkeys.  Golden monkeys in communities of large members of about 30 and they rove larges areas of the forest as they look for food via the forest and this is what’s making trekking of these animals so better as compared to other primates because the chances of seeing them are always high.

How to book a Golden Monkey trek in East Africa

For one to see these magnificent primates, he/she must obtain a permit via a travel agency or a tour operator and Africa adventure Vacations can effectively do this for you. What we need here is for you to give us your details and your preferred dates of when doing golden monkey tracking at the destination. The experience tour and travel consultants and safari planners will swiftly help you to do this. The golden monkey trekking permit cost united stated dollars 100.00 per person per trek and USD60.00 per person per trek in Rwanda and Uganda respectively. This fee is exclusive of the park entrance fees and therefore you will be required to pay the park entrance fees.

The experience of golden monkey trekking is o amazing in Uganda as one can also engage in a golden monkey habituation experience, with this activity one will be required to spend four hours with semi-habituated golden monkey families with the help of a researcher and trackers. You will be able to see golden monkeys that are in process of getting used to the public/people. Golden Monkey Habituation permit costs United States Dollars 100.00, excluding perk entry fees. Please feel free to contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for the best and reliable information about golden monkey trekking in East Africa.

How to prepare for golden monkey tracking in East Africa?

Golden monkey key tracking is the activity that starts with visitors being driven to the park headquarters early in the morning for golden monkey tracking at 7:00 am. The briefing helps you to stick to the rules and procedures while you’re in the park trekking monkeys. The activity lasts between two hours to 9 hours depending on the location of the golden monkey community and where you have started your trek. Visitors will be required to reach the headquarters at 6:00 am for the golden monkey habituation process and start the trek. Remember that during the habitation process, you will be able to spend 4 hours with monkeys being habituated.

What to pack for golden monkey tracking in East Africa

Visitors coming to Uganda or Rwanda for golden monkey tracking are advised on what to carry and among others pack the following items; hiking shoes/boots with stocking, Binoculars important for game or bird watching, Gardening gloves for gorilla tracking, fleece Swimwear, walking shoes, Hat & Sunscreen, Torch/Flashlight with Spare Batteries, Rain Jacket Sweater, camera, wipers water bottles and  Water Bottle.

How to get to Mgahinga and Volcanoes National Park in East Africa

 To Mgahinga National Park-Uganda.

Mgahinga national park is located in the Kisoro district southwestern part of Uganda. One can reach the park using both air and road transport. Visitors can drive from Entebbe international airport to Mgahinga Park for about 8 to 10 hours on a road trip. The journey is long but relatively rewarding with a beautiful stopover at the equator for photos, and then you will continue tom Mbarara with your better chances of seeing the Ankole cattle keepers grazing their cattle dubbed Ankole long-horned cattle. You can stop and have lunch in Mbarara city before you proceed to Mgahinga National Park and you expect to arrive in the evening.

One can get to Mgahinga national Park through Kigali international airport in Rwanda and then drive to Mgahinga National Park through the Cyanika border of Uganda with Rwanda. The road trip from Kigali to Mgahinga National Park takes about 2-3 hours’ drive to the border and an additional 1-hour drive to Mgahinga National Park. you can as well fly to Mgahinga National Park using both chartered and scheduled flights from Entebbe international airport and then to Kisoro Airstrip. We arrange and organize domestic flights to Mgahinga national park in Uganda and all other national parks in Uganda.

To Volcanoes National Park-Rwanda.

Volcanoes national park can be accessed easily from Rwanda in Kigali within just 2 to 3 hours and the trip can start with genocide memorial sites and then go to the volcanoes national park at your hotel that Africa for gorilla tracking. Visitors also in Uganda can access Volcanoes National Park via Chanika and Katuna border.

The following tourism activities can be done in both parks besides golden monkey tracking;

Gorilla trekking safaris

In Mgahinga and Volcanoes national parks, it where you can find both the gorillas and the golden monkeys in the whole of East Africa. These two primates live harmoniously and this means that visitors doing golden monkey tracking in these parks can as well spend another night and do gorilla trekking in the same parks. Gorilla trekking safaris in Mgahinga cost United States dollars USD700.00 per person per trek and United States Dollars 1500 per trek per person in Volcanoes national park. Similarly, only one hour is allocated for gorilla viewing during gorilla trekking. Visitors are advised to book the gorilla trekking permit early in advance since they are in high demand and can be sold out at any time. You will just need to tell us your preferred dates of travel and we check for you the availability of the permits on that particular date.

Community encounters

There is a rich cultural community known as Iby’wachu cultural village which is adjacent to Volcanoes national park in  Rwanda close to Musanze near Kinigi. The community village was mainly composed of poachers who were integrated into the conservation efforts of mountain gorillas and other primates. Visits to this community is an interesting tour as other than gorilla trekking and Gold3n monkey tracking you will be able to get the whole insight of the social and economic status of the local people well known as Rwandese.

Besides Iby’wachu cultural experience in Rwanda, Uganda s Mgahinga National park has got the Batwa community experience who were the occupants of Bwindi forest as their home but these were relocated when the park was gazetted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here the community started the new life outside the forest and started other activities without relying on the forest as the source of food and livelihood these people lived as food gathers and hunters and your visitors will get a chance to meet these people and learn more about them in terms of their daily activities .see their cultural performances, taste their local cuisines. Remember that this activity costs a fee that is given back to the communities for self-sustaining.

Hiking/Walking Safari

While visiting Volcanoes national park and Mgahinga National Park, you will get a chance to follow the established trails within the park for hiking. The hikes are very interesting and you gave have 4 trails with 4 guided hours as you meet the primates and different plant life. There is a lot to see while on your hike including the Virunga volcanic ranges among other eye-catchy attractions.

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