Backpacker On Gorilla Trekking Safari In Africa.

For tourists who are planning for a gorilla trekking trip on a backpacking budget the first thing you should have in mind is which company offers great deals.

Backpacker On Gorilla Trekking Safari In Africa.

Backpacker On Gorilla Trekking Safari– Africa is the only continent in the entire world that inhabits the endangered mountain gorillas. If you have an interest in exploring more about these primates, you will have to book a flight to Africa. Endangered mountain gorillas are the largest ape family which involves bonobos, chimpanzees and among others. The gigantopithecus blacki was the largest ape which is no longer in existence and this has made Grauer’s gorillas and the largest ape in the whole world and they are only found in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. Do you like budget travel and in a fancy way for your eyes then read this article and know the places you will fit in that have reduced prices that match with your budget. Many tourists always think that backpacking is just doing your arrangements but just know if you start counting all amount you have invested in arranging your trip, you will know that you spent a lot than if you had used a trusted tour operator. Contact us and we organize for you the most affordable budget trip.

Gorilla trekking is an amazing experience whereby a visitor can explore more everything about endangered mountain gorillas like their lifestyle and many more, therefore, a gorilla trekking permit is not too expensive according to the magical experience you’re going to earn in all parks that inhabit gorillas. Gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs 1500USD, all seasons and this is the most expensive destination among the 3 parks where this activity is carried out like in the Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit is for 400USD however, they also offer permit at a lower price which is 200USD in the wet period of mid- October and mid- December and in Uganda it costs 700USD each permit. All the gorilla trekking prices are behind the nature protection authorities in each park. Also, this money collected is used to support the park and helping the community members through constructing roads, building schools and many more.

For tourists who are planning for a gorilla trekking trip on a backpacking budget the first thing you should have in mind is which company offers great deals. Such as Africa Adventure Vacations that offer low rates but with classic services. Do not be discouraged by the high prices that are waved by expensive companies because it is not the same with us who offer the most affordable services such as accommodation.

You can decide to use a 4WD vehicle that is affordable in fuel consumption rather than land cruisers. We have an option of a van or super custom that is optional for hiring and also you can a higher and expensive vehicle which is more comfortable for you to enjoy your gorilla trekking safari. Our super customs van is a tourist vehicle and they reach the tourists standard and you will be able to thank us for planning well your money.

Trying to book as early as possible is good for your backpacker’s budget trip since it helps you to choose the most appropriate time to visit the park and depending on which season thus you will take time and organize more funds that will fit in your budget. It is advisable that you book your trip 6 months in advance and this will allow you to grab the best time frame. Sometimes permits are sold and done at once and if it happens and you come late, you may end up buying it at a higher price therefore it is good you book your trip as early as possible.

You may decide to make a payment scheme with the tour operator you’re in touch with. You may send in deposits per month if agreed upon so as you can enjoy your safari maximally.  We have an offer for you where you may send small amounts until the date of travel. You can begin with a commitment fee so as your plan begins and the rest will be done at your pace.

Booking accommodation that is closer to your starting point is cheaper to access your hotel and the starting point for the treks than staying in the lodge which is far and this may lead to higher costs of the transport.

You have to pack the right requirements for the gorilla trekking in Africa to avoid spending more extra money buying them because gorilla trekking involves hiking mountains and walking long distance searching for mountain gorillas, therefore get in touch with your local tour operate on what you will need to have a very great experience. These are some of the requirements you need for a tour safari and they include hiking boots, a rain jacket, energy food, long-sleeved shirts and trousers, a camera with extra batteries, gloves, sun glasses and hat, warm clothes and many more.

You have to think about the minor expenses such as tipping up your guide but this is optional. Also, check if it is required to change your foreign currency to the local currency.

There are also options for camping in some destinations which can help you to save some money than staying in the hotel but at some time it needs someone who is well equipped with camping equipment. If not so, better leave it because you could end up spending more compared to booking budget accommodation.

Make accountability for the trip and mark where you need to spend less and more money to avoid unnecessary expenses that you did not plan for on your trip.

Tourists are always advised to book with local tour operators to avoid disappointments and making away from the belief which said that, booking through a company is too expensive. Contact Africa Adventure Vacation and they will value your money as well as handle your safari which you will never forget in your lifetime.

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