Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Congo

During your hiking sessions, expect to see several birds’ species, mammals, primates and a number of plant species

3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Congo

This 3 days mount Nyiragongo Hiking safari package take you to Virunga national park in the DR Congo to discover how careful God was in creating and placing one of the most active volcanoes in the world in Africa. Nyiragongo is endowed with a very amazing Lave Lake surrounded with extremely charming features, rolling hills and scattered locally built homestead.

During your hiking sessions, expect to see several birds’ species, mammals, primates and a number of plant species that have been held hostage due to vibrant forest cover, fodder and water.

On your 3 days mount Nyiragongo hiking adventure, you may take a boat cruise trip at Lake Kivu, photography before hiking to the summit of Mount Nyiragongo.

3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari Highlight

Day 1: Pickup- boat cruise and transfer to transfer to Congo

Day 2: Hiking Mount Nyiragongo summit

Day 3: Descend to mountain base and transfer to Kigali

Detailed tour

Day 1: Pickup- boat cruise and transfer to transfer to Congo

Meet and greet our guide at Kigali airport for a pick and briefing sessions about your safari to Nyiragongo. After drive towards Goma, if time allows, you will make a stop-over at Lake Kivu for an exciting boat cruise tour to explore the surrounding hills as you feed your eyes with the beautiful ad magnificent views. You will meet up close a number of unique bird species and aquatic animals during your tour

Thereafter, leave the boat for lunch and proceed with a smooth 3-4 hours’ drive to Goma in DR Congo. The journey to Virunga is very interesting and expect to have eye-catching views of plantations on the road side, hospitable people and great rolling hills before checking in your booked lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Accommodation Options: Mikeno Lodge (Luxury), Bukima Tented Camp (Mid-range) Nyiragongo Volcano Summit Shelters (Standard)

Day 2: Hiking Mount Nyiragongo summit

Today is the highlight of this trip! Have breakfast and drive to the trailhead at Kabitsa village as 10:00 am to join other hikers to start your day with a briefing session led by expert park rangers to explain to you the dos and don’ts of hiking.

Mount Nyiragongo is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and requires determination, patience and stamina to manage the 5-6-hour hike up-to the summit where you will spot the lave lake and other exciting geographical features. The trail is long however; you will a number of primates, birds and unique plant species during trekking. Upon reaching the summit, take photos and watch the entire Virunga conservation area before camping for a night at the mountain huts.

Day 3: Descend to mountain base and transfer to Kigali

Enjoy a hefty breakfast before starting your journey to the mountain base to meet your driver guide to embark on a 4-5 hours’ drive back to Kigali international airport to catch up with your flight to the next destination.

What to pack for a mountain Nyiragongo hike?

Warm clothing: just like any other mountain in the world, the temperatures on mountain Nyiragongo vary from warm temperatures at the lower slopes of the mountain to very cold temperatures at the top. It’s for this reason that you are advised to pack enough warm clothes and don’t think that the fact the there is a volcano at the summit there will be warm temperatures. Come with enough warm clothes because instances of freezing are very high.

A sleeping bag: you are highly advised to come along with a sleeping bag to add on top of the thin and not insulated mattresses that are available at the huts at the peak of the mountain.

Changes of clothes: during the wet season that happens from March, April to May and again in the month of November. The mountain receives heavy rainfall and for this matter you are asked to pack changing clothes.

Enough drinking water: in order to keep your body hydrated, you must pack enough drinking water as you are going to hike the mountain.

Good hiking shoes: good hiking shoes are other requirements that shouldn’t miss on your packing list. The hiking shoes give you adequate ankle support the fact that the terrain on mountain Nyiragongo is rocky and uneven.

Prescription of altitude sickness: you are advised to get proper dosage of Diamox to deal with the altitude sickness.

How deep is the Nyiragongo Crater Lake?

The depth of the Crater Lake remains unknown because it depends on the amount of magma emitted from beneath the earth, however it’s estimated to be about 600 meters. Within the crater are several platforms that were created by former lava levels. The first platform is about 20 meters from the top room close to the rim and it was formed by lava levels in 1973.

Below the first platform is another platform about 40 meters lower and this was formed in 1995 by a lava lake that drained to the neighboring area after eruption in 2002. As of today, the caldera lava flow is estimated to be between 410 meters to 430 meters below the volcano ring.

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