Nyiragongo Volcano Hike In DR Congo

Nyiragongo is located in DR Congo and is one of the most active volcanoes in the entire world.

First Timer Guide To Nyiragongo Volcano Hike In DR Congo Africa

First timer guide to Nyiragongo volcano hike in DR Congo Africa: if you are looking at a great adventure in a wild place, read this blog post because it has every information you need for guidance. Nyiragongo is located in DR Congo and is one of the most active volcanoes in the entire world. Mount Nyiragongo is 3470 meters high on the border of DR Congo and Virunga national park with a caldera of more than a kilometer wide. You can hike up to the top of Nyiragongo and observe from its summit lava lake. The last time mount Nyiragongo erupted was in 2002 and it destroyed Goma city with its lava flows.

Before you decide to hike Nyiragongo, there are a few things you should know.

It is an out of the world experience

Standing on the top of an active volcano and witness its big carter full of bubbling lava is a once in a life experience. It’s wonderful to be able to see nature’s power at its best. This would truly be unforgettable moment in your life.     .

Pack everything you may need but not too much

You should remember that the temperatures on mount Nyiragongo are different from those of the nearby areas. Just like any other mountain, it’s always colder at the summit. Not even the lave lake will keep you warm, so make sure you pack clothes that can keep you warm. The volcano is found in a rain forest and between the months of March to May as well as October, it tends to rain much. The drier months are from June to October while the rest of the months are unpredictable and can be both rainy and sunny.

Those that want to take good photographs, the dry season is the best time to visit mountain Nyiragongo. The sky is clear in this season and you can take clear shots.  When you combine gorilla trekking and hiking Nyiragongo volcano, you can have an opportunity to see mountain gorillas in Virunga national park.

The weather is unpredictable

Keep it in mind that at such a high attitude, seeing the lava lake is not guarantee. Sometimes, its very cloud and the lava fails to penetrate the fog. It’s hard to predict weather in these extreme conditions. So you might climb up the mountain and find out the sky is not clear.

Prepare yourself

You don’t need to be an athlete to complete such a deed. Hiking mount Nyiragongo lasts for only two days. Though it is difficult, any physically fit person can do it. The surface is made of rocks and the altitude is extreme meaning that you cannot hike so fast. This makes hiking mount Nyiragongo suitable for both fast and slow hikers. If you want to visit the crater lake, you need to trek up to 11400 feet approximate to three and a half a km. anyway, it’s best if you practice three months before the actual hike

All the comforts you need

Believe it or not, you and your group can hire a cook to climb the volcano with you. The park offers you this service. The person can hand you drinks, snacks and prepare for you dinner once you reach the summit. They also serve you with hot tea and coffee to keep you warm. Although you must not feel hungry at such an altitude, you must take energy giving foods for the trip back the following day. On the second day in the morning you can have a heavy breakfast. At the stop overs, you can buy walking sticks to help you in keeping balance.

Spend money only on necessary things

Paying for a private tour is not necessary. You will have to book through Virunga website and get the same experience like others. A guide from the park will meet you at the park entrance and will lead you during the entire hike. In case of excess luggage, you should hire a porter. These porters charge. These porters charge $24 for the ascending and descending. The carry all your stuff such as food, water, cameras and other things you want to go with. The porters also help where you need a pull or a push during climbing. You can carry extra money for tips even though its not compulsory but customary.

Where to sleep?

At the summit of mount Nyiragongo there are 12 huts with 2At the summit of mount Nyiragongo there are 12 huts with 2 single beds each. They provide shelter but still they are very cold. You can bring a sleeping bag and thermic clothing to keep you warm when sleeping. The hiking fee includes accommodation. Porters carry their won tents and sleep outside the huts.

Be safe than sorry

Unless if you are sure that you will not get sick in high attitudes, bring some medicine and take it during the hike. Otherwise you might feel sick all the time. You can as well come with a warm sleeping bag to put on top of skinny mattresses they give you. The insulation in the huts is bad and the temperatures are very cold.

Must – have

Remember to have your yellow fever vaccination and come with your certificate. If you fail to carry your card, the authorities in DR Congo will have to vaccinate you and you pay for it. You will also need a valid hiking permit from Virunga national park which is bought at $300. Hikers must pay full money before the day of hiking

Mind your belongings

During hiking you will have a large group of people and porters. You are not supposed to leave your personal belongings unattended too in huts. You can leave unnecessary things in your hotel room and only take what you want.

Hiking mountain Nyiragongo will be a challenge. But if you follow the above pieces of advice, you will be good to go. Just imagine yourself at the summit while watching the lava move like waves in the ocean. A once in a lifetime experience. Contact Africa Adventure Vacations if you need more details about the first time Nyiragongo volcano hike in DR Congo Africa

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