Climbing Nyiragongo Volcano

Mountain Nyiragongo is the world’s largest active volcano with bubbling lava at the top in Virunga national park

What To Know Before Climbing Mount Nyiragongo Volcano?

What to know before climbing mount nyiragongo volcano in Congo? if you want to climb and have an unforgettable adventure in East Africa, look no further than mount Nyiragongo volcano in DR Congo, our today’s article will help you understand and prepare well for your safari to climb mountain Nyiragongo volcano in DR Congo and we always advise our clients on booking in advance Nyiragongo hiking permits.

Mountain Nyiragongo is the world’s largest active volcano with bubbling lava at the top in Virunga national park at the eastern border of DR Congo with Rwanda. The trip to mountain Nyiragongo gives you a chance to discover mountain Nyiragongo volcano hike for the unforgettable safari experience. There are things you need to know before climbing Mount Nyiragongo volcano and some of them are below.

Mount Nyiragongo volcano hike is a once in a life experience

The sensation of standing at the edge of the huge volcanic crater and looking at the red – hot bubbling lava lake can’t be captured using a camera. Stunning, humbling, beautiful, amazing and coolest thing you will ever do are some of the written assessments on trip advisor where the experience tallies maximum points. If you can hike Mountain Nyiragongo volcano do it, definitely do it. It’s a once in a life time experience and likely to be among the highlights of your life.

Mountain Nyiragongo hike safety trust people on the ground

The DR Congo seems to be big to manage and it’s too rich with mineral deposits that are extra ordinary not to tempt selfish foreign players. This is why it’s advised to check the security situation of the country first. Don’t not trust what you read in newspapers published by bureaucrats in different capital cities far away. You can focus on what the authorities of Virunga national park are saying. The park authorities make sure that there is no harm that can happen to you and your properties. When they decided to open Nyiragongo volcano for hikers they knew everything was safe.

You need a minimum level of fitness

The two days of ascending and descending mountain Nyiragongo volcano are demanding. The difficult part is passing through the volcanic rocks that wobble under your feet bit there is also altitude factor and sheer distance. The good news is that you can decided to hike at a slow pace or at a faster speed. The trek is timed in a way that allows also slow hikers to make it to the summit. Slow hikers might take 8 hours instead of 4 but you will reach the crater and have an overnight stay before climbing down the mountain. Your legs will pain you for some days but after you will be fine.

Bring or get walking sticks

Get a stick or two to help you balance yourself while hiking. Besides helping on the climbing down the mountain, they help you get a full body workout if you are using two sticks actively on the ascending. You don’t need to be too old or have bad knees to use walking sticks. The local people around the park make these hand wooden sticks for sale right there at the base of the mountain.

Dry shoes are the best

After the famous mountain gorilla tracking, Nyiragongo volcano hiking follows. Forget that thinking that your waterproof hiking boots will stay dry inside. The gorilla tracking trial can turn into mud and your shoes will get dirtied by mud all over them, not just the soles. If you can afford bringing two pairs bring them, or u can insert plastic bags to protect your stocking and shoes from catching mad while climbing the volcano marvel.

Nyiragongo volcano hiking is always on full board

For one to hike Nyiragongo volcano they must have paid the hiking permit and where to sleep at the summit. We like advising our clients to come along with $25 in case they would love to hire the porters in case of heavy luggage. They should also come along with the money to tip although not compulsory.

Get ready for a chilly night

It’s always freezing at the summit so you are advised to bring as many clothes as you think you will need. Pack some warm stockings and gloves and you can pack extra pairs if you can.

Mountain Nyiragongo hike safety for your belongings

If you have unnecessary luggage you can live it at the starting point of the hiking for there is a store where luggage is kept safely. The huts at the summit have no locks. One of the porters might be tempted and steals your money and valuables. We advise you to keep monitoring your luggage and do not trust a fellow hiker because some have strange hobbies

Do not forget your yellow fever vaccination certificate

For one to cross the DR Congo border, they must have a yellow fever certificate to confirm the vaccination. If you don’t have it you will be charged 700 to get vaccinated and have one.

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