Congo Budget Holiday

Need to book budget Congo safaris and holiday tours?

Congo Budget Holiday And Safaris

Congo budget holiday and safaris- Are you looking for adventure budget tours in Democratic Republic of Congo? Well, Africa Adventure Vacations is the best local travel agency to customize your intended to trip to Congo’s best wild places such as Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park.

DR Congo is one of the best travel destinations in Africa located in central region, bordering 9 countries: Angola, Burundi, the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Most travelers interested in exploring the country normally fly through Kigali international airport and later connect to Goma through Gisenyi. This journey is rewarding as it takes you through the beautiful sceneries and traditional home steads.

Booking Congo holiday and safaris will introduce you to explore the country’s beautiful sceneries of tropical forests, unique wildlife, awesome weather and climate, culture and warm hospitality from the locals.

What to do on Budget holiday & safaris in Congo

A number of activities can be done on your visit to DR Congo for budget holiday safaris and tours. These activities range from the adventurous hike to the summit of mountain Nyiragongo  on a 2 days trip, primate watching in Virunga  and Kahuzi Beiga national parks, bird watching, nature walks and cultural encounters.

For those interested in a trip to DR Congo, make sure you book from a trustworthy tour operator like Africa Adventure Vacations in order not to get disappointed. We bring you some of the top activities you may do in DR Congo on a budget tour.

 Mountain gorilla trekking

The activity fee for gorilla trekking permit in the Virunga national park costs 400USD per person for foreigners and 200USD for Congolese and it is the cheapest park if compared to other parks like Volcanoes national park of Rwanda which costs 1500USD and Bwindi plus Mgahinga national parks of Uganda which costs 700USD.

 Mount Nyiragongo hiking

Mount Nyiragongo hike permit costs 300USD as activity fees and it includes the hike permit and accommodation fee therefore visitors should come with their sleeping bag and you can also book yourself a backpack at Nyiragongo which costs 100USD per person for jacket, fleece, blanket, sleeping bag and meals. Visitors are also recommended to carry extra cash to hire a porter and they charge 25USD per 15kgs.

 Rwenzori Mountain Climbing.

Activity fee for Rwenzori mountain trek permit costs 200USD for multi- day and there is also 116USD for staying in the huts along the trek but on the hike fee there is no meals so a visitor has to make sure to be ready to cater for your meals.

 Visiting the gorilla orphanage centre.

Visiting Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is free of charge if you are staying at Mikeno lodge. A visitor interested in touring Senkwekwe is strongly advised to book an overnight stay at Mikeno lodge. Room rates at Mikeno lodge currently go for $330 per night for a single room, a double room goes for $475 and $705 for a triple room. These rates are subject to change without prior notice therefore before planning your trip first cross check out the latest rates with Virunga national park management. All rates are on full board i.e breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Requirements for Accessing DR Congo for Budget holiday & safaris

You need to have a valid yellow fever card before setting off to Virunga National Park in Congo. For DRC you MUST have the card and if not just know you won’t be allowed to access the country. In case you have lost it, you will be required to take a shot at the border and receive a card and later you will be allowed to access the country. Make sure the card is valid and is in your names and it is not more than 10 years or else it might not be considered. The fever card is shown at the immigration border as you check in and if you do not have it, the immigration office won’t offer you Visa.

A valid passport is highly needed for you travel to DR Congo and it should at least have 6 months as expiry date towards your travel date or else you may not be allowed to the country. Visiting Virunga requires a valid passport which is in line with the Visa. You should therefore have a valid passport when rearing to visit DR Congo or else you may not be given a Visa for Congo thus losing your tour.

Valid Visa is also a MUST have requirement for accessing Virunga National Park. The traveler should therefore book in time. You also get the Congo Visa when you have purchased it from the package of the park. You should be in touch with a trustworthy tour operator so as to book you a spot in Virung for a Visa processing. DR Congo tourist visa cannot be given to you on the day of arrival and it will take you 2 weeks to get it from the Direction Générale de Migration (DGM). The Visa will give you access to Kahuzi Bieg and to the park without any disturbance. You can pick your Visa from Rusizi border when you have the invitation letter you got from booking the gorilla permit in the park.

The above are the 3 main requirements you desire to have before accessing DR Congo. You should also have a personal list that includes personal items like jacket/raincoat, headgear like head sock or cap, good hiking shoes and many more. You need warm clothes since the park is sometime cold especially in the night or when you are at the top of the mountain Nyiragongo. The Nyiragongo hike is also chilly and you need a waterproof backpack to use in case of rains. You should also not forget changing clothes and specifically warm clothes and long trousers and top so as to avoid irritations that might occur on your skin.

When all this is over you are good to go for your budget holiday and safaris in DR Congo. You should keep in touch with your tour agent to check if they have booked for you a tour and you must have a backpack which contains sleeping bag with meals for Nyiragongo hike. 

What to pack for Budget holiday & safaris in DR Congo

Amazing adventure activities such as gorilla trekking is carried out in a few parts of Africa and DR Congo is one of the blessed destinations where the activity takes place. Therefore, if you are planning a budget tour to Congo, you are advised to carry the following items;

Hiking Boots

Long-Sleeved Shirts / Blouse

Garden Gloves

Rain Jacket

Hat and Sun Glasses

Energy giving snacks

Cameras and extra batteries

Pair of Binoculars

Hire a porter for your gorilla trek

Walking stick

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